How to Make 3-Ingredient Coffee Ice Cream

Like many people, we love our coffee. We look forward to having a cup every morning and sometimes later in the day to get through that afternoon slump. 

Whether you like your coffee with cream and sugar, one or the other, or if you drink it black, you know that it’s a pretty magical liquid. We’re exaggerating a little bit, but seriously, we do like all things coffee related.

It’s not just the magical liquid that we enjoy, but we also like anything with the flavor of coffee, like gummy bears and ice-cream. While we don’t know how to make our own coffee-infused gummy bears (yet), we do know how to make our own coffee-infused ice-cream. You don’t even need an ice-cream maker.

The best part about this ice-cream recipe is that it doesn’t just taste like coffee but it actually has coffee in it. You can use whatever coffee brand you like. You could use instant coffee, or use some coffee grounds from your favorite flavored coffee. You could even use decaf coffee it that’s your preference.

Besides the coffee, you’ll only need two more ingredients – a can of sweetened condensed milk and some heavy whipping cream (look for it in the dairy section). You can easily find both of these items at the grocery store.

In order to mix the ice-cream together, it’s a good idea to have a mixer. A whisk will do in a pinch, but you should be prepared for a pretty good arm workout. A hand or stand mixer will make the job much quicker and easier.

Watch the video below to see how easily this magical ice-cream comes together.

Doesn’t that ice-cream look incredible? Just imagine it topped with some chocolate sauce and whipped cream! It’d be like a mocha you eat with a spoon!

Viewers are raving about the flavor of this ice-cream. One comment reads, “Oh man, I tried this and my GF went crazy. She couldn’t believe the result of me being in the kitchen for just 15 mins.”

Another comment includes helpful measurements for those of us in the United States.

“Here are the American measurements:

3 tablespoons of coffee grounds or instant coffee

2 tablespoons of water

7 oz of sweetened condensed milk (half a can)

2.5 cups of whipping cream”

Another viewer accidentally forgot to add coffee to her ice-cream, but it wasn’t a total failure. “I forgot to the add the coffee and ended up with vanilla ice cream lol.” I guess now we have a 2-ingredient vanilla ice-cream recipe to make for the kids!

Are you going to try making this coffee ice-cream?