With all of the weight loss programs, diet pills and exercise regimes advertised on TV and online, losing weight can seem overwhelming and expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be. Check out these tips from Billeater for losing weight on a budget:

  • DIY Soups: make your own soups to increase your vegetable intake. You can control the amount of sodium and fat that goes into your soups and you’ll spend less that if you spent $1.50 to $2 on single cans of “low-sodium, heart-healthy” soups.
  • Go Strong: save money and calories on recipes that call for cheese by using a strong flavored cheese such as sharp or mature cheddar. (Also, grating any kind of cheese will help stretch it!)
  • Track Your Calorie Intake: writing down everything you eat and recording the times when you eat should make you think twice about what you consume.
  • Scour Your Library: search through tons of free fitness DVD rentals.
  • Join a Free Weight Loss Community: join a community like SparkPeople to get free diet plans and support.

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