How to Line Dry Your Clothes Effectively

Line drying clothes is a great way to save money and energy. Colleen from Planet Green hasn’t used her dryer in years! Here are some tips for line drying clothes effectively and avoiding things like stiff jeans, bunchy shoulders and wrinkled pants.

  • Use vinegar in your rinse cycle to avoid stiff clothing. This will keep your clothing soft after it’s done washing.
  • Hang your shirts by the hemline rather than by the shoulders. Use two clothespins at the hem to avoid bunchy shoulders.
  • Don’t fold clothing over the line. This can result in longer drying times.
  • Don’t crowd your lines. Give your clothing room to dry. You don’t want your clothing to wrinkle because it’s crowded. You also don’t want to weigh down lines, making your clothes drag on the ground.
  • Freshen between washings. If you have an item that isn’t dirty but needs a refresher, just hang it on the line, spritz it with an all natural linen spray and let it dry.

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