How to Humidify Your Home on the Cheap

Low humidity problems run rampant during the winter. Between cold weather and the effects of indoor heating systems, dry skin and sore throats are not uncommon. Humidifiers are a great solution to these problems but they can be expensive and require high maintenance at times. Keep in mind that there are affordable humidifiers out there also, but if you need a quick, cheap option, take a look at some ideas from DIY Life:

  • Boil a Large Pot of Water on the Stove: since this method releases moisture into the air but in a small, limited area, try placing a fan next to the stove to blow the air out (Editor’s Note: I’m pretty sure this would only be effective with an electric stove.)
  • Place Bowls of Water Around Your Home: similar to the way houseplants emit water vapor, water from bowls will evaporate into the air and add moisture to it. You can increase the humidity by placing water bowls on top of radiators. Do not put bowls near electrical devices.

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