Inventor of the Patent Demonstrates That the Correct Way to Hang Toilet Paper is ‘Over’ Not ‘Under’

It’s a debate that has raged for decades, dividing households, ruining roommate relationships, and turning bathrooms into battlegrounds. That’s right, we’re not talking cats versus dogs, cake versus pie, mountains versus beach; we’re talking about the household debate to end all household debates: should the toilet paper hang going over or under?

If you’re like most people, you probably just immediately shouted out an answer when you read that question, because we all feel strongly about our preferences. Those of us who hang it going over argue that it’s easier to find the end and more hygienic, not to mention more aesthetically pleasing. Those of you who hang it going under reply that your way is tidier and is more difficult for unruly pets to unravel. While some of us who feel, ah, less strongly about the whole thing might argue that the debate is just that, a matter of preference, we’re here to tell you that there’s actually a definitive, absolutely correct answer. Prepare yourselves, because about 50 percent of you are about to be disappointed.

So what’s the answer, and how do we know it? Well, take a look at the original toilet paper patent, courtesy of the Google Patent Database:

Bam. That’s right, those images – straight from Seth Wheeler, inventor of the perforated toilet paper roll himself – show the toilet paper roll hanging, rightly and properly, going over. Not under. Over. Need more proof? Here’s another image from the patent:

There can’t be a more definitive answer than that, now can there? Of course, we all still have the freedom to hang our toilet paper rolls however we choose – there’s no Toilet Paper Police, that we’re aware of – if you ever find yourself debating the merits of hanging techniques with your spouse or your roommate, know that the inventor of this truly-life-changing material is on the side of Team Over.

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