It’s finally summer, which means we’re going to be grilling as many as our meals as possible. Number one on our to-grill list: steak, of course! Getting a perfectly grilled steak is trickier than you might think, though.

How do we get that delicious, thick, dark crust without charring it too intensely, burning it, or making it too hard to chew? Like THIS! America’s Test Kitchen did the tests, and now they’re here to show us their tried-and-true technique.

Here are a few of our favorite tips on how to achieve a perfectly cooked steak on your traditional gas grill:

1. Use a Salt Rub

Cheap cuts of meat are notoriously chewy and flavorless, which is a shame for those grocery shoppers on a budget. But rather than spend a ridiculous amount of money on a good cut of meat, you can upgrade your steak with one simple trick: a salt rub.

Truthfully, no matter how cheap or expensive your meat, a salt rub should always be an essential. Take a big handful of salt and rub it on both sides of your meat, then let the meat sit out at room temperature for an hour.

It might seem contrary to your instinct to leave meat out on the counter for an hour, but it’s essential to allow the salt to seep into the steak. This will allow moisture to come out of the steak to make it VERY juicy and flavorful, all way the way through the thick cut.

2. Get the Most Out of Your Oven

We usually assume that the best way to get a delicious steak is by prepping the meat as much as possible. However, we often forget that there are other factors that go into a steak being cooked – namely, the cooking itself! Getting the grill ready for cooking is critical, and we love these little tricks America’s Test Kitchen slips in.

To start, you need to bump all grill grates up to “High” before closing the grill and letting it sit for 10 minutes. Then, when you’re getting ready to put your steak on the grill, turn the back grates down to “Low” or even turn them fully off. This is going to come in handy later in the cooking process to prevent the thinner parts of the steak from overcooking while assuring the bone-side of the steak cooks thoroughly.


For other tips on the best way to grill t-bone steaks on your grill, make sure to watch the America’s Test Kitchen video below! Then go forth and enjoy a summer of grilling perfect steaks.