Let’s be honest: most of the time when we clean our windshields, we don’t do a very good job. Whether it’s a quick swab at the gas station while we’re waiting for the tank to fill, a mid-drive swipe of the wipers, or a jaunt through the car wash, there’s always a few spots of dirt or dead bug that always seem to be missed. Half the time, it seems like the wiper blades actually make the mess worse! What our windshields really need is a quarterly, thorough super-clean, and the RV Geeks are here to show us the best way to do it!

The secret tool? Steel wool.

Steel wool was originally used by woodworkers to essentially sand down their materials. Since then, it has been used mainly for similar purposes! To clean windows, other glass surfaces, and other rough and bumpy surfaces. The touch, sharp fibers not only have a way of smoothing surfaces out, but they’re great for getting tough, gritty stains off of surfaces that you NEED clean.

Say, for instance, the windshield of your RV! You need that to be clean, you know, for seeing purposes. It might seem counter-intuitive to be cleaning your windshield with something as rough as steel wool – if you didn’t know any better, this hesitation makes perfect sense.

Why would you want to scratch up your delicate glass surface with something so rough? But, surprisingly, using steel wool on glass surfaces (like windshields) is a trick of the automotive trade. The steel wool doesn’t scratch your glass and works GREAT for removing any tough stains like bugs, water spots, pine sap, or other unmentionables.

This technique is simple and works very effectively to get your windshield looking sparkling new. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


  • Fine steel wool
  • Invisible glass
  • Rainx
  • Rags
  • A sock

Now, you want to use the finest steel wool you can find, which is called four ought steel wool. Usually, the ought will be listed on the package, and you want to make sure you get the lowest ought possible. This will make sure the rough surface of the wool is extra gentle on your windshield and leave you with an incredibly smooth finish.

Step 1: Start by rubbing down the entire windshield with your steel wool. Polish the entire windshield in firm, circular motions for about 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure you look for and attack any little spot.
Step 2: Soak a rag in Rainx and clean the entire windshield with the cloth. Make sure this does not get on your car/RV paint.
Step 3: Let your windshield dry before giving it a second coat of Rainx.
Step 4: Let the Rainx dry and while it’s drying, soak a rag with water. Once the windshield is dry, wipe down the entire surface with the rag.
Step 5: Soak a sock with Rainx and use the cloth to cover your windshield wipers with the product, too.
Step 6: Finish off with a coat of Invisible Glass.

Now, you’ll have a perfect view through your windshield come rain or shine!