In the world of clothing, few things are as difficult to tend to as shoes. Everything about shoes makes them hard to clean; their shape, the fabric they’re made of, and how dirty they get, to name a few. And few shoes get quite as dirty as sneakers.

Despite the challenge they pose, there is a way to wash and dry sneakers, just like there’s a way to care for any other shoe. In fact, sneakers are probably easier to tend to because they’re (usually) not fancy or made from fabrics like leather or suede. These types of shoes require specific cleaners, while canvas sneakers can be washed in soapy water and dried like normal.

But that’s where things get…annoying.

Sneakers – whether they’re soaked from rain or soaked from being washed clean – can often be dried like most of your clothes: in the dryer. While that’s all well and good, sneakers might be the MOST annoying thing to go in your dryer, like, ever.

jianghongyan via Deposit Photos

Due to their weight and thick plastic soles, sneakers bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “tumble dry”. Namely, the obnoxiously loud clunking sound your sneaks make while they’re being tossed around in your dryer.

Some dryers come with a fancy little contraption called a drying shelf, where on things like sneakers are placed to get exposed to the warm air of the dryer without being tossed around. This saves the inside of your dryer from scuffing and your ears from listening to an hour of this racket.

But if you have an older dryer, or you just don’t have a drying shelf, what are you to do? Well, this hack from Money Talks News is going to fix your drying problems forever.

We’re not going to give it all away, for all the info you have to watch the helpful video below, but what you’ll need is two pairs of sneakers to get started. The key is in creating a counterweight, one that will allow the sneakers the exposure of the warm dryer air without batting them around nosily in the appliance itself.

We think you’ll be impressed by this clever way to get the job done is the least noisy way possible! It’s a simple yet brilliant solution.

What do you think of this shortcut around drying your sneakers? Share your thoughts and any techniques you have for drying your sneakers in the comments section below.