College students, whether new or returning: it’s time to start thinking about making that dorm room feel like a home. Chances are you’re not working with a whole lot of money, but luckily it doesn’t cost much breathe some life into a dorm room if you use some creativity. (When I was in college, my biggest “wall art” was a cork-board filled with cards I had received over the years.) Take a look at some decorating tips from Ashley at the Go Frugal Blog at

  • Know Your Limitations: try to have an accurate measure of your space if you’re buying electronics or a desk. Also know what items are restricted so you don’t waste money on things like candles, halogen lamps, etc.
  • Sheik Storage: buy some cheap milk crates and spray paint them as an attractive, cheap storage option.
  • Wall Wonders: check out thrift stores to find things like old maps or faux vintage tins. Free Shipping also suggests sarongs and Christmas lights as cool things you may already have that you can hang out the walls.

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