Household Cleaning With Vinegar

Vinegar is a miracle substance, sort of like baking soda. It’s cheap, usually laying around the house, and extremely versatile. There’s really no end to the uses you can put it to. However, 30-Minute Martha has narrowed down a list of useful ways that we can use vinegar to clean the house.

  • Combine one part vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle and use as an all-purpose cleaner. (Warning: Do NOT use this solution on granite or limestone)
  • Dip old newspaper in a mixture of vinegar and water for a great mirror cleaner
  • Add a quarter of a cup to your laundry’s rinse cycle to help rinse detergent from clothes. The smell won’t stay!
  • Put a cup of white vinegar in your empty dishwasher and run it through one cycle to deodorize and clean soap build up
  • Loosen mess in your microwave by boiling a half cup of vinegar mixed with a half cup of water. Use this mixture to wipe the microwave clean
  • Get rid of pesky fruit flies by setting out a dish of undiluted white viegar

Source: Cleaning with Vinegar