Right around September or October, there are people who start getting really excited about one holiday, and we’re not talking about Halloween or Thanksgiving. There’s a whole population of folks who can’t wait for Christmas to roll around.

It is their absolute favorite time of the year, and if it could be Christmas every day, they would lose their collective candy canes. Well, there are a few places on this planet where that is a possibility, and one of those places is right in New Hampshire.

You’ll find touches of the Christmas spirit year-round at the Christmas Farm Inn & Spa in Jackson, New Hampshire. A New England mainstay, the inn is situated in the White Mountains on 15 acres of land. Upon your arrival at 3 Blitzen Way, you’ll could be lucky enough to stay in the main house where the rooms have Christmas-y names.

Among those to choose from are Mrs. & Mrs. Claus, Vixen, Cupid, Donner, and Sleigh Bells. You might prefer to stay in the colonial style building called the Salt Box, where the themed room names continue. Check out the Rudolph room, or make your reservations for the Yuletide, Mistletoe, or Elves rooms.

Once you’re comfy, you can learn about the meals that the bed and breakfast serves throughout the entire day. Then you want to make some time to visit the spa for some relaxation or hit up the in-house tavern.

Regulars of the inn love to stop in at the Mistletoe Pub where they can get craft beers, cocktails, or just hang out. All of that is on the grounds of the Christmas Farm Inn! Drive out a few miles and you and the family can enjoy Santa’s Village, an amusement park that’s also open the whole year.

Christmas Farm Inn and Spa

If you’re wondering about how the inn got its start and its unique name, it’s an interesting story. The main building was built in the 1700s and used primarily as a farmhouse. Sometime in the late 1700s and early 1800s, the structure’s red house was used as a jail!

By 1883, the new owner converted the building into an inn, expanding the amount of buildings on the farmland. It stayed within that family for many decades and survived the Great Depression before being sold to a man who gave it to his daughter as a Christmas present.

This daughter renamed the property “Christmas Farm” but also wound up selling it to couple in the 1940s who changed the name to “Christmas Farm Inn”. After a few more sales and additions to the property, it now sits in the hands of the Plourdes.

Through all the changes of ownership, the new blood has worked to preserve the history and traditions of the inn. While guests can see hints and reminders of Christmastime all year, it is during November and December when things really turn up.

It’s lights, snow, and North Pole Action. Fit for the entire family (and wedding parties), the inn/spa has an ambiance that encourages everyone to jump into the holiday spirit!


Christmas Farm & Inn

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