Ah, the things you can accomplish with an ordinary hot glue gun! Owning one is not only practical for arts and crafts projects, but for general household hacks. Things that fall in the beauty category are no exception.

The merits? Glue guns are inexpensive, come in different sizes, and are portable. Handled with care, they can last a long time without damaging your property. And when you learn how to finesse it like a pro, you’re on way to becoming a hot glue gun slinger capable of knocking out any task— decorative or not!

In this video shared by Seventeen, we’re given some beauty hacks made possible by the use of a hot glue gun. Take notes!

  1. Liner Extender

    So, you want to salvage your short or broken liner pencil but don’t know how. Hot glue to the rescue! Extend it to a usable length by gluing a glue stick to the pencil itself! Squeeze every last bit of wear out of that stick of eyeliner and then reuse the glue stick when the makeup runs out.

  2. Razor Cover

    Going on a trip but need to pack an already-opened razor? If you don’t have a cap, make a waterproof cover by sealing the blades up in hot glue. You’ll form a barrier that will protect your fingers from getting nicked when you grab it. Just squiggle a line of hot glue over the razor and let it dry, pack, and go!

  3. Bottle Sealer

    Liquid makeup doesn’t always stay in its bottle when you tote it around, leading to nasty spills and leaks. Get things under control by plugging the bottle up with a line or two of hot glue. Squirt around the seam where the cap meets the bottle and allow it to dry. You can easily peel it off when you need to!

  4. Hair Tool Rest

    Rest your mighty curling iron or flat iron on polished rocks. How? Put together a cool heat-proof coaster with cardboard, hot glue, and stones. Glue the stones closely together on a piece of cardboard large enough for your styling tool(s).

    Rest your hot hair gear on the coaster without any worries of burning something up. Adjust the size according to your needs!

  5. Compact-to-Go

    What are two things most women keep on them at all times? A cell phone and a compact mirror, right? Bring them together like two long lost besties with a ring of hot glue. Attach a small compact to your cell phone case with the flick of your glue gun to create a two-in-one, functional accessory.

To learn some more glue gun magic, click on the video below to view the step-by-step tutorials. You’ll be able to organize, clean, and fix your beauty staples with this one cheap tool.

Invest in a hot glue gun if you don’t already have one for these beauty tricks, crafting, or household hacking – you won’t be sorry!

What are your thoughts on these glue gun beauty hacks? Are there other things you’ve learned to do with hot glue?