These New Exclusive Hot Cocoa M&Ms (With the Dreamiest Filling) Will Only Be Available at Target

No season is a real season if special edition M&Ms aren’t involved, am I right?

The popular chocolate candy company is known for coming out with all sorts of fun flavors to match seasons and holidays—for example, their pumpkin spice flavored candies for the fall season, or their red and green varieties for Christmas.

But what about a flavor that works for the in-between of the two? It doesn’t look like M&M has a flavor for when the winter holidays are around the corner, but we’re also still raking leaves. Well, until now!

Introducing a new delicious-sounding limited M&M variety: Hot Cocoa M&Ms. We’ll pause for a moment while you wipe the drool away from your lips.

Yes, that’s right, this tiny little piece of chocolate will emanate the delightful flavors of your favorite cozy wintry beverage.

When you think of hot cocoa, you probably think of decadent chocolate flavors mixed with the creaminess of whipped cream and marshmallows—and that’s just what these M&Ms aim to mimic.

Hot Cocoa M&Ms use actual marshmallow cream to get that creamy taste we think of when we think of hot cocoa. The white chocolate marshmallow-flavored center is covered by sweet milk chocolate and their crunchy candy coating, so it’s basically exactly like a mug of hot cocoa, except without the mug!

Run, don’t walk: The exclusive Hot Cocoa M&Ms will only be available at Target stores—nowhere else—and will start making their way onto shelves in beginning to mid November. You’ll definitely want to grab as many packs as you can before they sell out!

M&Ms, you’ve done it again! We can’t help but want to curl up with a blanket by the fire and good book while eating these. We’re already imagining all the delicious cookies and treats we could make with these!

Are you a hot cocoa fan? Will you try out these Hot Cocoa M&Ms? What’s your favorite limited edition M&M flavor to date?