Having family or friends stay in your home during the holiday season can be a huge source of stress. On top of gift shopping, preparing food, and keeping the house clean and decorated, having to entertain out-of-towners can really be the last straw.

YouTube star Rachel Talbott feels your pain and has provided us with a fabulous guide for entertaining this holiday season! As she says, going the extra mile might take a little planning, but it’s worth it to give your guests a truly memorable experience.

Check out a few of Rachel’s favorite ways to jazz up her home during the holiday seasons, and prepare to wow your guests with your hospitality expertise.

1. Dress Up Your Bedding

Jazz up your bedroom with some festive bedding.Rachel Talbott

If nothing else, dress up your guests’ bedroom by adding some festive bedding! Throwing on some down comforters or decorative pillows and blankets (in festive patterns and colors, of course) is a quick way to dress up the room quickly.

2. Add a Guest Basket

Tips for having guests over for the holidaysRachel Talbott

To go the extra mile, include a guest basket on the bed. In a cute, woven basket, throw in some water, snacks, mini Lysol, chap-stick, laundry detergent, stain remover, lint roller, or any specific things your guests might need or want.

You may be unable to do this if you’re not given enough notice, but it’s something your guest is sure to cherish if you have the time to pull it together.

3. Share the WiFi

Tag with WiFi info for the basket.Rachel Talbott

In this day and age, it’s crucial to share your WiFi information with your guest. You can do this in a few special ways, such as printing the information on stationary and framing it for the bedside table or writing the info on a card to tie onto your guests’ basket.

Check out some more excellent tips in the video below!

The best tip of all is to always know your audience! If you’re having family over that would HATE this kind of special treatment, don’t do it. If there are special twists on these tips that would make these hacks more enjoyable for your guests, implement them.

They are your guests, after all, you should know what’s going to make them happiest during their stay! And if you’re just not sure, these basics are sure to impress the stuffiest house guest.

What do you think of these hospitality tips and tricks? Share your thoughts and any extra tidbits you include for your guests in the comments section below.