The weather is (thankfully) starting to heat up! Which means it’s time for some refreshing, frozen treats. Your mind might be going right to the obvious answer: ICE CREAM. Well, you’re close. For fruit lovers, sorbet is the ultimate summer treat – it’s light, refreshing, and bursting with those sweet, fruity flavors you love! If you’d like to try making your own sorbet at home, it’s a whole lot easier than you might be thinking. You don’t even need a machine! All you need is two simple ingredients and a burning love for fruity sorbet. Watch the video below to see how!

These recipes are SO easy. Two ingredients for your very own sorbet?! Yes, please.

We love that Gemma shows us a whole slew of different sorbets we can make at home, including: raspberry, cantaloupe and mint, strawberry lime, mango and passion fruit, and chocolate and banana. And all of these can be made in just 5 minutes! It doesn’t get more simple.

If none of these flavors tickle your fancy, the great part about this recipe is that it’s a blank canvas. You can add any fruits or flavors you want to make your very own customized sorbet.


– 3 cups (15oz/390g) fruits, frozen
– ¼ cup (70g/2 ½ oz) fat-free condensed milk


1. Add your fruit and condensed milk to your food processor. Blend for about 3 minutes.
2. Put your sorbet into a frozen container and fill to the top. Freeze for 4-6 hours, or overnight.