We all flip for Sunday morning pancake feeds, but it only takes a few pancake breakfasts for your plain old pancake recipe to make you wanna hit snooze. We’ve rounded up 16 pancake recipes that are simple to make, yet anything but basic. Your fam won’t have any trouble polishing off the entire stack.

  1. Nutella-Stuffed Pancakes

    Nutella-Stuffed PancakesTipHero

    When spreading Nutella on top of your pancakes isn’t enough, this simple pancake recipe is the right stuff. The secret to stuffing a layer of chocolatey Nutella into your pancake is freezing it into a disc first.

  2. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

    Cinnamon Roll Pancakes 3TipHero

    What do you do when you can’t decide between cinnamon rolls and pancakes for breakfast? Cinnamon roll pancakes! This genius breakfast recipe combines the quickness and ease of pancakes from scratch with the scrumptious sugar n’ spice of cinnamon rolls to make all of your brunch dreams come true.

  3. Sky-High Japanese Pancakes

    Japanese Pancakes 1TipHero

    The phrase “flat as a pancake” gets lost in translation with these sky-high Japanese pancakes. Fat, fluffy, and perfectly round, these hotcakes are elevated to lofty new heights.

  4. Bacon Pancakes

    post-preview-bacon-pancakesTip Hero

    Two old friends that go great together!

  5. Aebleskivers (Danish Pancakes)

    Aebleskivers 14TipHero

    What’s an aebleskiver? We’re sorry you have to ask — because it means you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting these delightful mini pancakes. (Which, to confuse us even further, are also known as ebelskivers). Luckily, they’re easier to make than they are to pronounce.

  6. Pineapple Upside-Down Pancakes


    If it can be a cake, it can be a pancake.

  7. Cookie Cutter Pancakes


    Kids will love making fun shaped pancakes with cookies cutters. This basic pancake recipe is also great for putting a seasonal spin on your breakfast.

  8. Savory Pancakes

    Savory PancakesTip Hero

    Here’s a pancake recipe that will satisfy even those in the savory breakfast camp. These are loaded with bacon, corn, chives, and cheeeeeeese.

  9. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pancakes

    Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter PancakesPretty. Simple. Sweet.

    Set the tone for an indulgent weekend with PB pancake recipe from Pretty. Simple. Sweet.

  10. Green St. Patrick’s Day Pancakes

    pancakesI Heart Nap Time

    What kid wouldn’t be stoked to wake up to green pancakes on St. Patrick’s Day? I Heart Nap Time‘s easy recipe is topped with Lucky Charms marshmallows.

  11. Red Velvet Pancakes


    These pancakes from Southern Living are definitely walking the line between breakfast and dessert, but wouldn’t you love to serve these to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day?

  12. Mickey Mouse Pancakes


    Your kids’ll fight over these cute pancakes from DaveHax — and it really doesn’t take as much artistic skill to pull off as you’d think.

  13. 2-Ingredient Banana Pancakes

    pancakesSassafras Cafe

    Did you know that you can make pancakes without milk, flour, or sugar? These amazing pancakes from Bridget Davis, The Internet Chef are made with just bananas and eggs.

  14. Pancake Bites

    Pancake BitesWhat's Up Moms

    Those ingenious moms at What’s Up Moms have come up with a new way to make mini pancakes — in a muffin tin.

  15. Birthday Pancakes

    Cake Pancakes EditedSeeded at the Table

    Don’t just treat yourself to an ordinary pancake breakfast on your birthday — celebrate with these special pancakes from Food Network with rainbow sprinkles mixed in and rich cream cheese frosting on top.

  16. Carrot Cake Pancakes 

    carrot cake pancakesGemma Stafford

    Let Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking show you how to make pancakes filled with shredded carrots and warm spices à la your favorite springtime cake. You could almost consider them healthy, if it weren’t for that dollop of delicious cream cheese frosting.

  17. Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

    Blueberry Buttermilk PancakesPasadena Daisy

    You won’t be disappointed with Pasadena Daisy’s classic buttermilk pancake recipe dotted with fresh, ripe blueberries.