Homemade Herbal Lavender Dryer Bags (tipnut.com)

Love this ‘recipe’ for Lavender Dryer Bags from tipnut.com Your laundry will come out smelling fresh and luxuriously fragrant and all with out the harsh chemicals of dryer sheets. In addition, according to tipnut.com, lavender buds are a natural moth repellent, a natural sleep aid and a natural antibacterial. So treat yourself to the gift of lavender.

Here is the recipe:

Materials Needed:

5″ x 5″ cotton muslin or cheesecloth squares (2)


* Sew large “tea bags” out of the muslin or cheesecloth squares, leaving an opening at the top to fill with lavender. Sew the top shut. No need to sew fancy, just place the squares together and sew a single seam along the top about 1/4″ from the edge.
* Roughly squeeze the bags before tossing in the dryer with wet laundry. When laundry is done the scent is light, not overwhelming at all. Especially nice to use on loads of bedding (sweet, fragrant dreams).
* Bags are reusable! When the lavender is no longer doing its job, take a seam ripper and open about 2″ on one end, empty the bag, refill and sew shut. For one last kick at the can, crush the used lavender and toss it around your carpet. Let sit for about an hour then vacuum.

Tip: Make more than one dryer bag so that the same bag isn’t in one load after another, alternate them so each bag has a chance to cool down before being used again.