Homeless Man Was Admitted to a Hospital, and His 4 Stray Dog Friends Waited Patiently at the Door

Even if you’re not an animal lover, you just might shed a tear or two over this story. When a homeless man named César stopped at the emergency room of Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Brazil, he couldn’t shake his tail – or tails, rather.

One of the hospital workers, Cris Mamprim, wrote a post on Facebook about what she saw. At 3:00 that morning, César sought treatment for a chronic health issue and went to the nearest facility. While Mamprim and other staff members were caring for him, they noticed a cute sight at the hospital entrance.

Four stray dogs kept watch at the door as their best buddy was being helped during his emergency visit. They did not budge the entire time. César explained that he looked after the dogs by scavenging for food, often forgoing meals for himself so he could feed them.

Mamprim noticed how “chubby’ the dogs were, commenting on how selfless the man is for taking care of them even though he does not have many material things. What workers saw was love and loyalty from both sides. Staff offered César food and welcomed the dogs inside the facility so that they too could share in the meal.

After an hour or so, he was ready to leave and the adorable dogs trotted off – tails wagging – right behind him. Is that love or what?

Are you sniffling a little at this heartwarming story? Would your doggies do the same thing?