His Reaction to this Home Reveal Will be Yours Too

Do you remember what it felt like to unlock the door to your new home for the first time? Or on a smaller scale, finally getting your own room as a kid? There was a feeling of independence and excitement all rolled up in one, right?

Well, imagine having those feelings after being homeless. Sleeping on floors, cots, or in cars is a way of life for many. There are also those families who move into shelters to escape domestic abuse. When help arrives in the midst of these desperate situations, emotions overflow. Inside Edition shared the story of one family’s home reveal after being without one for three years.

Single mom of four Lamanda Brown spent the past few years shuffling her family between relatives and shelters in Detroit. When the shelter gave them a deadline to move out, her caseworker scrambled to find them transitional housing. With the help of a local non-profit, Lamanda and her children were able to move into a fully furnished public housing unit.

Image of child covering his face.Inside Edition
The awesome organization, Humble Design, designs and furnishes homes for those getting back on their feet. By partnering with local shelters, they find out who’s in need and creates a wish list for each family. The organization’s director Julie Nagle told Inside Edition:

“If the boy wants superheroes, we give them a superhero bedroom,” Nagle said. “If the girl wants Frozen, we give them a Frozen bedroom.”

To get the homes ready, Humble Design selects items from their warehouse. Things like furniture, bedding, bathroom goods, and children’s supplies are loaded up by a designated team of staff and volunteers. Hours are spent decorating and preparing each home to make it feel like home. When families walk in, they are met with warmth and excitement.

Lamanda and her children have spent many nights sleeping on floors, and now they no longer have to. When you see the reaction of 11-year-old Lamond as he walks into his new bedroom, you’ll melt. Having a bed and his own bedroom is a lot to take in. As they continue to get settled in, Mom had this to say:

“I’m still trying to get them used to sleeping in their beds,” she said. “From time to time, they’re still sleeping on the floor. When I see that I want to cry, because this is what I did.”

Humble Design’s work has aided over 700 families like Lamanda’s in Detroit. To Lamond and his siblings, the impact is life-changing. To their credit, Humble Design’s reach has helped 99 percent of the families they’ve assisted from returning to homelessness. That’s what community spirit looks like!

Watch the video to see Lamanda and her kids get a welcome tour of their new abode. Lamond’s face is priceless and yours will be a little damp. The beautifully decked out house is much more than a place to sleep.

Have you ever worked with a community organization like this one? What do you think of this heartwarming story? Share with us in the comments!