HomeGoods is one of those stores that has the ability to suck you in for an indefinite amount of time. How many times have you gone “Wow, this exists?”, “Oooo!”, or “Niiiice”? Some things wind up in the trunk of your car and others go on your wish list.

A community of HomeGoods lovers are happily sharing their favorite finds, home décor inspiration pics, and shopping tips online. Among those devotees is Christine Lee, who is known as a HomeGoods super-shopper and has the Instagram account – @HomeGoodsObesessed – to prove it.

She’s shared her story in a few interviews about what pushed her to start her social media page. Since the store doesn’t offer e-commerce, posting the goodies that can be found in-store prompts people to check their local HomeGoods. Inventory changes often, so there are plenty of pics to post!

Lately, Christine has also been sharing her shopping strategies for the décor giant. Knowing when to go, how to read price codes, and what part of the store to find stuff can help save you time. Check out some of these top HomeGoods tips below!

  1. Best Time to Shop

    Lee’s number one tip is to shop Tuesday through Friday and avoid the weekend rush. Midday is the best time to strike, before the lunch crowd flows in but after the store opens and employees have had time to stock. The store is constantly receiving new inventory and puts it on the shelves daily, so you can’t go wrong if you make the trip any of those days.

  2. Understand Clearance Codes

    Who doesn’t love those red stickers? Scan the item’s price tag and it will tell you how long it’s been in the store. Lee says HomeGoods marks things down every month, so you can get an idea of when something you like will have its price reduced. For example, a code that says FLS1217 means it’s been on the floor since December of 2017.

    Another hot tip? If you see something that’s missing a price, check the bottom for special writing. You may see some numbers grouped like this: 03895/70. The number following the backslash is the rounded up price, so it’s $69.99.

  3. Shop Outside Your Comfort Zone

    Many people have access to multiple HomeGoods locations within a certain mile radius near their homes, so don’t stay true to just one. You’ll find that each store has something unique to offer, and that driving a few extra miles will be worth it. What’s better is that you can always shop at one of its sister stores – T.J. Maxx or Marshalls – for equally awesome finds.

  4. Grab It

    If you see something, grab it before someone else snatches it up! Chances are you’ve spotted the only (or last) one, so jump on it. You have time to change your mind before you get to the register or you can buy it, get buyer’s remorse later, and then return it within the 30-day policy range.

  5. Ask for Discounts

    It’s okay to be a little assertive if an item is damaged or has a part missing. Check with the cashier or store manager to see about a discount. Small percentages are often granted if the store really wants to move merchandise and damaged goods.

  6. Make the App Your BFF

    Download the HomeGoods app on your device and get news on the latest merch in your local store. Employees will snap and upload photos of new inventory for viewing on the app. It’s a great way to stay on top of things and to get there first!

  7. Know What You’re Working With

    Have an idea of what you’re seeking for your décor needs. Going on a whim is just dandy, but getting distracted by pretty rugs can totally thwart your mission to spend money on a side table. Lee suggests having photos and measurements of your own space at the ready so you can find your dream piece more easily.

Are you a HomeGoods nomad who finds these tips useful? What are some of your favorite finds? What’s your shopping strategy?