Her Home Is VERY Well Organized. Use Her Brilliant Tricks, and Yours Will Be Too!

If you recognize Alejandra Costello, then you know she’s the Queen of Clean. Alejandra’s cleaning and organizational techniques have been featured on HGTV, CBS, YouTube, and in publications like Parent, The Washington Post, Mashable, Women’s Day, and Family Circle. She’s an actual pro.

Don’t you wish you knew her personal organization secrets, the ones that make her such a pro? So you can, uh, borrow them, of course. Well, now we can with this exclusive look into Alejandra’s home! Alejandra herself is going to give us a virtual tour through her unbelievably clean home, showing off all her personal organization techniques that you can steal for your house. Want to organize like Alejandra? Then watch the video below.

Alejandra’s home has been hailed as “The Most Organized Home in America”…and we can see why. She has a million brilliant techniques that make for the most efficient, organized home you could ever dream up.

Some of our favorite organizing tips that we are TOTALLY stealing from Alejandra’s house are:


We LOVE her pantry. I want it now.

She utilizes a lazy Susan to organize her oils, condiments, and spices. We love the pull-out bins for snacks, pasta, coffee and tea. And then, of course, the labels. Dear God. Whether it’s the shelf organization with the picnic print labels or the ever-changing chalkboard labels, Alejandra shows us how crucial and adorable pantry labeling can be.


That pegboard is brilliant – it’s perfect for storing ribbon in a craft room. With some well-utilized shelves above it, naturally.

She even has her own, personally designed mail center! LOVE. She uses metal bins to organize her mail as well as her office supplies, which have their very own shelf unit. If you work at home at all…take notes.


Is her closet not to die for? We love her idea for keeping clothes together and using color coded hanger snaps to keep everything organized. And the hack for scarves, reusing an old bathroom towel hanger? Brilliant and eco-friendly.

Watch the whole video to get ALL her amazing tips, from her laundry room, bathroom, makeup, jewelry, magazines, dishware closets…any organizational conundrums can be solved by taking a look at Alejandra’s amazingly organized home.

To get even more organizational tips and tricks, make sure to check out Alejandra’s amazing website, too!