Ah, home design trends—who gets to decide what’s “in” these days, anyway? Sometimes it seems that certain popular styles were created by someone with horribly bad taste. We’re willing to bet you may agree with some of these duds, all admitted by followers of a recent Reddit post titled “What is a home design trend that you hate?” Check out the most popular answers below.

  1. Items With Words on Them

    “I don’t need a butter dish that says ‘SPREAD’ or a tortilla dish that says ‘TORTILLAS.’”

  2. Display Towels


  3. Touch-screens on Everything

    “A) they collect fingerprints like anything and you have to clean them so often. 2) tactile feedback is more important than designers think.”

  4. Sliding Barn Doors

    “My fiancé and I are house hunting right now and I swear every other house has those sliding barn doors!”

  5. Open Shelving in Kitchens

    “The reason for cabinets is so that no one can see your shit. Also dust. And airborne grease from cooking also settles on horizontal surfaces.”

  6. Open-Concept Bathrooms

    “I don’t want to see my toilet from my bed.”

  7. Bowl Sinks

    “Those sinks that are a bowl on top of the counter. It’s like they didn’t install the sink and glued it to the bathroom counter.”

  8. Painted White Brick

    “It feels like it’s on every HGTV show I watch; they ruin beautiful classic brick with white paint. It has to be repainted constantly to maintain the ‘look,’ shows way more dust, and doesn’t age as well as regular brick.”

  9. And Just All White Everything

    “I have so many friends (20-25ish) doing the all-white furniture in an already white room with white or silver accents and I just don’t get it. Any little bit of dust shows up and it’s so stark that it’s borderline painful to look at if the room is sunny. It’s totally personal, though. My partner and I do all black everything in white rooms. A lot of people absolutely hate it.”

  10. No Curtains Over Big Windows

    “Who does that? What type of weirdos are like yeah what if all the neighbors and whatever strangers happen to be walking by can see into our living room at all times? I usually see this on homes that have that modern minimalist architecture thing going on, which tend to be ugly anyhow. They’re trying to look futuristic but in the near future they will be considered lame and out of style.”

  11. Shiplap

    “Putting up shiplap in your suburban home is dating the hell out of your house. Like a tribal tattoo in the 90s, I’m going to know exactly when you decorated. Gag.”

  12. Flat Roofs

    “The buffer area between the roof and the room inside is an absolute breeding ground for mold, and whenever it rains, water pools on top of the roof and leaks in. In some cases, it looks modern, but for some houses built in this style in the 70s or 80s, it looks stupid, and is insanely impractical.”

  13. TV Above the Fireplace

    “A TV should be at eye level or just a bit above not 8 feet in the air.”

What home design trend do you just absolutely hate?