by Tip Hero David Glenn
There are several ways to decorate a living room on a budget.  Because each strategy is designed by an expert, you can update your space cheaply and professionally. In addition, if you buy sliding door hardware, you can give your home a unique focal point.

Move Your Furniture

If your living room has a cluttered furniture arrangement, rearrange everything so that each furniture piece is grouped properly.

Use Paint

Paint is an affordable option that can transform a space when applied correctly.  If you only need to update your walls, choose a color that enhances the mood of the space.  Deep tones are highly recommended because they give homes a cozier vibe.

Use Bold Designs

Decorate your home with furnishings that have unique silhouettes and high impact finishes.  If you buy two furniture pieces and place them near a neutral wall, you will only need two or three grand-gesture pieces to make your space standout.

Splurge Shopping Strategies

To make your living room pop on a budget, place fancy wallpaper on your focal wall and a patterned wallpaper near your shelves.

Instead of buying two leather chairs, buy one good leather chair and pair it with a cheaper chair.  If you have other furniture pieces that are upholstered with cheap fabrics, cover the materials with silk or velvet pillows.

Use Original Décor

Hanging genealogical charts and unique portraits on the wall is a nice way to decorate your space based on your individual tastes.  If you want a more personalized space, buy painted letters and place your initials on the wall.

Renew Your Décor

If you have an old table that has wobbly legs, cut the wooden pieces and make a vintage coffee table.  Old furnishings can be recovered too if you take a sewing or upholstering class.

Seven Cheap Living Room Decorating Accessories

To make your living room functional, you will need some accessories.  According to experts, there are seven items that you can incorporate into your design scheme that are under $20.

If you need a cost-friendly window covering, sheer panels are highly recommended.  Although cotton panels are not very dramatic, they will provide a classy, soft glow whenever sunlight accesses the space.

Most stores sell textiles rugs are high prices, so purchase a small printed rug instead.  A small rug is a nice decorative item that fits in most design schemes.

By adding shelving, you can gain more storage space and decorative benefits.  Window box frames are ideal for displaying prized items in your home.

Hand-carved wooden display bowls are quite cheap.  If you fill them or leave them empty, they will still look gorgeous on your living room table.

Side tables are valuable because most stores do not sell furniture for under $20.  Although side tables have a simple design, they are very practical and quite handy.

If your living room lacks proper lighting, purchase a table lamp and place it on the side table.

To keep your living room organized, buy a few storage boxes and put them in strategic spots to minimize clutter.

Bonus Advice – Update Your Living Room By Installing A Sliding Door

To tackle this project, you will need sliding door equipment and the services of an installation technician.  After the door is installed, your living room will have a focal point that provides a view of the scenery outdoors.  To enjoy your new focal point each day, arrange your couch so that everyone can sit and enjoy the sunset.  If you have any additional furniture pieces, place them on the sides of the couch.

If your home is not located near a striking vista, do not make your sliding door a focal point.  Instead, point the back of the coach to the door and the other furniture near the door on the opposite wall.