Being a home chef can be a little bit tricky, to say the least! Sure, you can follow yummy recipes to a “T,” but where’s the fun in that? Though it can be enjoyable to experiment with food, we all know that you won’t always be graced with appetizing (or even edible!) results.

Case in point is this hilarious news clip which features a Canadian news anchor treating her fellow on-air coworkers to some of her homemade—and highly suspect—artichoke dip.

This newly-minted viral video starts off with Leslie Horton, the newswoman heroine of our story, offering her colleagues some holiday dip that she describes as an item “that’s not supposed to look like that.” Well, we don’t think that it looks that bad, BUT, we’ll be honest here, it doesn’t look that great, either!

Leslie then quickly explains that she was never so into making that not-so-great-looking artichoke dip in the first place, but she was just too exhausted from the rest of the holiday activities to whip up anything else. Yep, we can most certainly relate to her on that!

The silly broadcaster then goes on to stealthily admit that she usually just passes off pre-packaged grocery store fruitcake as her own, but her family seemed to have called her on her bluff this year because she felt pressured to make something—hence the star of this video, that now infamous artichoke dip.

Of course, this funny clip doesn’t merely show a newswoman displaying her unappetizing fare. The fact that it has been viewed millions upon millions of times, and picked up by news outlets from all around the world, should tell you that it has a universal element that everyone laughs at—people being forced to eat disgusting things.

Let me back up. Leslie doesn’t exactly force anyone to eat her artichoke dip, per se, but she definitely highly encourages them to do so. It’s pretty amazing that they even tried the darn thing, considering that the review—which comes straight from the chef herself, nonetheless—isn’t exactly glowing.

Now, let me take a quick break from this awkward televised moment to give you readers some idea of how to make a much tastier version of this classic dip. Artichoke dip definitely doesn’t have to be a food oddity that you pressure your coworkers into eating—it’s meant to be delicious! And it’s easy. Try our favorite version here.

So, you’ve heard the set-up, now it’s time for you to watch the insanely popular news clip from Global News for yourself. You won’t believe what her fellow anchors say when they try this appetizer. And, don’t forget to watch the newsman on the left—his reaction is just priceless!

What do you think of the anchors’ reactions in this viral video? Have you ever made a dish that ended up being a total “food fail?” Do you have a favorite recipe for artichoke dip that you would like to share? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!