When Jesse and Carrie moved from L.A. to the bluesy town of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, they became instantly enamored with an old dance hall. The music hall was seeped in musical history, but when Hurricane Katrina battered the coast, the hall took a lot of damage. The music hall was condemned and due to be torn down any day – before Jesse stepped in to save the old building from a tragic fate. Despite the many challenges the large, decrepit building posed for the couple, Jesse and Carrie renovated this historical music hall into their new home. You’ll be shocked to see what they’ve done. Watch the video below to see the amazing transformation.




The dance hall was built in 1922, during the swinging Jazz Age. It was funded by a fraternal organization, called the DBA, that had been around since 1894. The DBA offered up their building to traveling blues acts that would go through the south, so all of the great jazz and blues singers had performed in this hall at one time or another.

Jesse and Carrie managed to find the original pinewood floors and have those installed in the “hall” part of their home. They also had the lounge area redone into a spacious and trendy kitchen. Both bathrooms were renovated – the men’s room even got to keep the original trough-style urinal from the 20s!

Best of all, Jesse found some relics while renovating the building: liquor bottle from the Prohibition era, which are now displayed in the hall. Incredibly cool.

Jesse and Carrie now host music nights for the whole community in their hall/home, which has really helped them adjust to their new life down south! What a fantastic way to preserve the musical history of Mississippi.