Hilary Duff Recreated Rachel McAdams’ Breast-Pumping Photo Shoot and It’s Pretty Hilarious

2018 was a year that sure did reveal a lot about our country–both good and bad–but mainly, it just told us that our opinions as a whole are very, very misaligned. Now, we’re not just talking about politics here, included in this general ‘divisiveness’ is a laundry list of other topics, both vital and, frankly, inconsequential when compared to the big issues that impact our everyday lives. One example of the latter is public breastfeeding. While we know that there are plenty of angry opinions on the topic, we’ve chosen to shine a positive light on the trend.

If you have any sort of presence on social media (yes, ‘lurkers’ count!), then you have likely seen an uptick in mom’s posting their public breastfeeding photos. Even we have gotten on the bandwagon by sharing with you stories of a model breastfeeding her little guy as she walked the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit catwalk and even a flexible yogi who breastfeeds her little ones while in the most impressive yoga poses.

All in all, we have to say that we’ve enjoyed watching these brave women dispelling myths and showing just how versatile breastfeeding mothers can be. What’s even more amazing, though, is that celebs are beginning to jump on the bandwagon, as well. Recently, we gave you the scoop on Rachel McAdams’ high-fashion photo shoot, in which the new mom posed with matching breast pumps attached to her nipples.

It was a pretty shocking display, especially considering the fact that the actress has been notoriously demure over the years, but it’s also one that has gained her plenty of support.

One such supporter is none other than Hilary Duff, a fellow mom who recently gave birth to a little girl named Banks. Apparently, she was so moved by McAdams’ much-talked-about photo shoot, that she decided to recreate the iconic shot–breast pump and all…


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Am I doing this right? 😛

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Clearly, Duff recreated the shot in, what looks to be, her living room. Although she didn’t have the makeup, hair, and expert photographer on-hand for her image, we think the actress still captures the spirit of McAdams’ original vision. Yep, Hollywood stars are just like everyone else–they have to pump just like the rest of us, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it either!

Upon scrolling through the comments, we were delighted to see that a vast majority of Duff’s fans were supportive of the actress’ recreation, with many adorning her feed with smiley faces, thumbs-ups, and even the highly-coveted fire emoji. Some even offered up some questions about her manual breast pump, asking if she was a fan of the device. Although we weren’t able to spot a response from the actress (she is caring for a colicky baby, after all!), plenty of other moms chimed in with their own experiences.

Stories like this just go to show you the power of positivity that social media can possess. We’re happy to see that breastfeeding and breast-pumping mommas are finding their allies in the coolest stars around!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Duff’s high-fashion breast-pumping photo. Are you a fan of it? Is it as powerful as McAdams’ original? Which actress should recreate the look next?