These Are Currently the 15 Highest Paying Jobs in America in 2018

In the market for a new gig? Trying to figure out what industry is a good fit for your career goals? Last month, released a report on the 25 highest paying jobs in America for 2018.

Glassdoor is known for being a job review site where workers can rate the companies they work for, the CEOS, and their roles. One of the biggest reasons it attracts visitors is because salary information is also shared.

Want to know about a company’s culture or pay rates? Hit Glassdoor. Recruiters and potential employees also find the site useful for its job listings. Digging through all this information is beneficial for those seeking new employment.

If you are looking for a change or are thinking about going to school to pursue a new path, the salary info in this report could point the way. As you may have guessed, healthcare jobs pay well, but the tech industry has an overwhelming number of high-paying jobs that are in demand.

Here are the top 15 jobs as of July of this year, but you can either visit Forbes or for the full listing and to see which cities have the highest demand.

  1. Physician

    Median salary $195,842

  2. Pharmacy Manager

    Median salary $146,412

  3. Pharmacist

    Median salary $127,120

  4. Enterprise Architect

    Median salary $115,944

  5. Corporate Counsel

    Median salary $115,580

  6. Software Development Manager

    Median salary $108,879

  7. Physician Assistant

    Median salary $108,761

  8. Software Engineering Manager

    Median salary $107,479

  9. Nurse Practitioner

    Median salary $106,962

  10. Software Architect

    Median salary $105,329

  11. Engineering Manager

    Median salary $105,260

  12. Applications Development Manager

    Median salary $104,048

  13. Plant Manager

    Median salary $103,892

  14. IT Program Manager

    Median salary $102,969

  15. Solutions Architect

    Median salary $102,160

Forbes mentioned that the data does not reflect gender pay gaps that are prevalent across the board. This is especially true for upper crust medical professions like a physician. Statistically, women doctors make nearly 30% less than their male counterparts.

As for the tech field, women make up to 45% less than men and only make up around a quarter of the candidate pool. Salary information in this report is based on national averages, but you can visit Glassdoor to learn about regional salary averages. They may be more or less than the national amounts listed above.

Compared to similar rankings compiled by Business Insider back in January of this year, this list has less healthcare positions in the top spots. The top five on that one included jobs in dentistry, psychiatry, surgery, and pediatrics.

Also keep in mind that although these gigs are the highest paying, that doesn’t mean that they are the least stressful or the ones that offer the most satisfaction. If those factors are important to you, remember that while you’re on the job hunt (or your college-bound kid) but stay ambitious! Otherwise, you can always work for yourself.

Would you consider going to school for one of these careers? Is there another job you would be interested seeing on this list? If you could switch roles, which of these jobs would you love to do?