Within the past year, many brands and even sports teams have changed their names and images due to previous names that seemed to promote racism. While some people may not like change, others are happy that the new names are no longer offensive.

In the south, there are some schools that have names that seem to promote racism as well. For example, Robert E. Lee High School in Florida is named after the leader of the Confederacy. Now, Lee High School is considering changing their name.

A name change is a big deal, so the high school is currently in the process of holding meetings where community members can state their opinions about whether or not a name change is a good idea.

Video of the first community meeting has gone viral. During the meeting, some community members made surprisingly racially charged comments like, “If this high school is having problems, how long has it been predominantly African American?”

Another community member said, “Slaves have an obligation to obey their master.”

Shocking, we know. You can see this viral video for yourself below.

Not only has this video gone viral, but it has also motivated students to step up, attend the community meetings and state their reasons for why the name change is a good idea. Watch the video below for more about this high school name change controversy and why high school senior Chris St. Louis decided to speak at a recent meeting.

Anyone who lives in the attendance zone of Robert E. Lee High School will be able to vote about whether or not they would like the school’s name to change, and they will be able to indicate what they think the new school’s name should be. Even elementary students will be able to go to the polls and vote. Even though the community, students and teachers will be able to vote for the name change, ultimately, the school board and superintendent will decide what the new name will be.

Robert E. Lee High School is not the only school that is considering a name change. Currently, 5 other nearby schools are polling the community, students and teachers to decide on a new name.

Do you think Robert E. Lee High School should change its name?