The marriage proposal – sometimes private, sometimes over the top, sometimes geeky – is usually always tear-inducing. It’s a moment a couple will remember the rest of their lives, special to them and the journey of their relationship.

Since we’re in the age of online sharing, we get to witness some of the world’s most elaborate marriage proposals with our own eyes. They’ve come in all forms: flash mobs, celebrity-assisted concert interruptions, stadium takeovers, and movie theater ruses. They can make you smile and cry!

Here’s another one to add to the list of fun proposals, this time from Sweden. Airport firefighter Robin Strӧm planned an exciting way to pop the question to his girlfriend Klara Rizell. Like her beau, Klara has an intense and adventurous career which played quite well into Robin’s setup.

Image of firefighter kneeling.firefighter
Robin first met his helicopter pilot girlfriend at the airport where they both work. It was the perfect place to surprise his lady love! Robin told reporters that he was extremely nervous but he was pretty confident his gesture would be a success.

Robin involved some of his firefighting crew and Klara’s boss in his carefully coordinated plan. Out on a flight, Klara had no idea that her next assignment to pick up a client was a phony one. What followed was no ordinary staged switcheroo. Painted on the airstrip was a heart symbol for “Yes”, and a little black box for “No”.

Fire trucks lined up behind Robin on the tarmac, concealing the symbols on the ground. Klara had been told by her supervisor to hurry up and get back to the airport for a client. In the air and feeling alarmed, her worries started to subside when a call came over the radio that was the voice of Robin. Klara greeted him with a nervous giggle over the airwaves as she flew closer to the airport.

Image of firefighter taking a knee.firefighter
He told her he had something to ask her, but she couldn’t answer on the radio and where she landed would be her answer. As Klara flew closer to the airstrip for a landing, Robin then got on one knee, opened a ring box, and asked Klara to marry him. She watched the whole scene from the air!

Slowly, the fire crew backed up to reveal the two painted choices as Klara was cleared to land. She swooped in and chose the red heart! It was a yes! After embracing on the airstrip, the two confessed they were both shaking. Robin revealed that he hadn’t slept for a week because he was so nervous.

Image of helicopter landing on heart.firefighter
The happy couple was all smiles as they were ambushed by family and friends to celebrate the moment. As the video captured the event, the song “Love is in the Air” by John Paul Young played – the perfect accompaniment.

Robin certainly went a few extra miles for his proposal, and these two lovebirds have one for the books! Have you been on the receiving end of such a unique proposal? Are you planning to pop the question soon? Tell us in the comments!