We are just loving these dollar store hacks lately! There’s nothing better than getting the opportunity to be creative, especially when it only costs a couple of bucks! Today we are going to highlight a way to transform an ordinary candle into a true display piece. This DIY is easy, cheap, and – best of all – it will help complement your favorite fall décor.

YouTuber A Cozy Casita featured this brilliant hack in a video to show her followers that they don’t need to drop a bunch of cash on brand name products to decorate their homes.

For instance, the custom birch candles that she makes in her video are actually based off of a Pottery Barn design which retails at a ridiculous $59 to $79! Our host’s version costs less than $5 to make in total. How’s that for a thrifty dupe?

For this project, be sure to gather these components beforehand. As I mentioned, all can be easily found at your local dollar store.


  • Mod Podge (or your choice of decoupage paste)
  • Brush
  • Birch bark print-out
  • Flameless candle (the dimensions are up to you)
  • Precision knife

To get the best results, complete these simple steps below.


  1. Get your measurements

    measuring candleA Cozy Casita

    Use a ruler to ensure that your print-out will wrap around the width of your flameless candle. It’s best if there is not too much overlap, so try to guarantee that the ends of the paper meet together easily. Our host suggests doing a test run first, before you add on the sticky stuff.

  2. Add the Mod Podge

    squeezing mod podgeA Cozy Casita

    Squeeze a generous amount of Mod Podge onto the back of the birch bark print-out, then smooth and spread to all areas of the paper using your brush.

  3. Glue on the print

    rolling candle paperA Cozy Casita

    Take your flameless candle and carefully roll it over your birch bark print-out. Make sure that you are rolling slowly and in a straight line. Allow to dry for at least one and a half hours.

  4. Remove the rough edges

    cutting paperA Cozy Casita

    Using your precision knife, circle the top of your flameless candle and remove any excess paper.

  5. Seal your creation

    sealing candleA Cozy Casita

    Squeeze some more Mod Podge onto a slick surface, and brush onto the top of your candle. Don’t worry if it seems as though the color has changed or been compromised; the glue will dry clear. Allow the candle to sit for at least two hours before using.

What a gorgeous result! I can’t wait to display this candle during the holidays. I also love that it is flame-free, which means that I can go about my business without worry.

DIY birch bark candlesA Cozy Casita
Watch A Cozy Casita’s video below to see how this décor guru makes her candle. We are sure that you’ll be amazed by how much hers resembles the original.

What do you think about these flameless birch bark candles? Is this a project that you plan on trying yourself? Do you have any must-have DIY projects for the holidays that you would like to share? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!