It’s safe to say that even the most enthusiastic reptile-lovers aren’t exactly happy when they find themselves encountering the creatures unexpectedly! Snakes, in particular, are known to be especially sly animals with a propensity for slithering into the most startling of places. Eek!

In the past, we have covered stories of snakes hiding out in attics and gardens, but until now we hadn’t featured any examples of serpents hiding in plain sight—and for good reason! —let’s just say we normally don’t seek out these types of images.

With that said, the one that we are showing you today really is worth the click. Simply put, the snake’s odd position is just as confounding as it is intriguing!

The above image was first posted by an Australian business by the name of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, a company that helps folks remove serpents from their properties, no matter the time of day. The owner posted this picture of a Queensland backyard to his Facebook page to illustrate just how difficult the job can be.

You see, wrangling snakes is without a doubt the most heart-pumping part of the workday, but LOCATING them sure can be the toughest! Don’t believe us? Just try to find the huge carpet python hiding in plain sight in the picture above…

…we’re waiting…

Ok, we’re not going to lie here—we actually WEREN’T able to figure out where this snake was lounging without first looking at the comments section of the original Facebook post.

When we first started the armchair quest, naturally, our eyes went to the hose on the ground in the bottom right corner of the image. But, after we zoomed in, we quickly realized that that lawn instrument was probably just placed there to throw us off!

Next, we spent some time in the lower left half of the image. ‘Could he be hiding in the overgrown grass’? But, after some close searching, we realized that that too was a bust!

Finally, we got the clues that we needed via other fans with much better eyesight than us. We have to say, even with the good tips, we still BARELY saw him.

Hint: Unless you have impeccable vision, you WILL have to zoom in, in order to successfully spot the snake!

Creepy facts about carpet pythons

The snake that is featured in the image is a large carpet python, a hair-raising, but a non-venomous snake that is actually quite common in its native Australia.

Although these pythons are relatively harmless to humans, small mammals surely fear the beasts. They haven’t earned the moniker ‘rat catcher’ for nothing!

Now that you know all about this hiding serpent, it’s time for you to snag the answer to this confusing visual riddle. Just click on the video below to get a closer look at this unwanted slithering house guest!

It doesn’t get any creepier than that, huh?! We’d love to hear what you have to say about this picture. Were you able to spot the snake without watching the video first? Have you ever had to call a reptile removal service? Are you a snake-lover?