People are Having a Hard Time Finding the 6 Words Cleverly Hidden in This Image

What better way to start your day than with a little bit of brain gymnastics? In case you don’t get the chance to hit the gym today, you can still get a mental workout with some help from this puzzle.

If you love looking for pictures within pictures, or hunting down hidden objects, then you’ll enjoy this one. At first glance, this picture looks like a simple cartoon of some kids playing. Very rudimentary, right? You’re probably wondering where the puzzle part comes in. Well, we’re going to take to you task today.

This puzzle is brought to you courtesy of Highlights, the well-known children’s publication and master of brain-teasing puzzles. The magazine features a collection of games like this one that are geared towards kids but many times still stump adults. Many, many times.

If you grew up reading Highlights at home or in the waiting room of your doctor’s office, then no doubt you are familiar with their hidden object challenges. Flip through an issue and you’d be lured into trying to solve three or four of them at a time. They were meant to help us build up our cognitive abilities while also being fun.

Those of you whose parents bought you a subscription were expected to read it, play the games, and learn lessons from Goofus and Gallant. Now that you’re older and we have the internet, you can still tickle your mind with the hidden words/hidden objects games that either brought you joy or slight irritation.

You may find yourself having flashbacks to your childhood with this illustration! Take a look at the fort-building action going on in this picture and see if you can find the six hidden words. The cat looks like he’s trying to figure out some stuff too.

First, see if you can work this one out before calling for some backup. It’s probably true that most kids will be able to solve this in less time than a lot of grownups, but try to keep them out of this challenge for the first few minutes. That’s part of the challenge – no help!

But if you want to make things interesting, set this up between you and an opponent to see who can find all the words first. Scan the entire room and you’ll see these words:

  • Cord
  • Straw
  • Mirror
  • Tiles
  • Couch
  • Cat

Catch those or are you still struggling a little bit? Be sure to check every line, curve, curl, and angle before you give up. Along with spot the panda and the coffee riddle, this one’s been making the web rounds for the past few months and not everyone’s finding all six words.

Still stumped? Jump below to learn the hiding spots for each word. If you miss these types of puzzles from your childhood, check out the Highlights website or one of their free picture puzzle apps to relive some of the fun!

How long did it take you to find the words? How many could you find? Were you a fan of Highlights puzzles as a kid?