Gil and his wife weren’t quite seeing eye-to-eye on how they wanted to remodel their backyard. He wanted an in-ground pool to beat the heat in Israel (where he and his family live) and his wife wanted backyard space so they could play with their children. Their compromise? This amazing, hidden in-ground pool, which can be covered up by faux grass when it’s not being used. This way the full yard can be used for play and then partially retracted when it’s pool time! Needless to say, this brilliant solution is the best of both worlds. Watch how Gil completed this impressive project in only two and half months.

For his time frame, Gil mentions the work was only done on the weekends over the course of two and half months. So, in total, it probably took about two weeks to complete this project from start to finish.

Considering what an undertaking this project is, that is extremely impressive. This ambitious goal was probably met due to thoughtful planning on Gil’s end, especially with his digital sketches of each step of the process.

How did he do it? Essentially, Gil broke down this massive project into 10 steps.

Step 1: Backyard Cleanup

Cleaning up the messy yard before starting the hidden pool projectgil klar

As I’m sure many of us can relate to, Gil’s backyard needed a little cleaning up. With excess plants and trees scattered about, the clutter just gave the yard a very small, closed-off feeling, rather than something big, open, and fun.

Using small bulldozers, the yard was cleared, the clutter was taken away, and space was made for the pool cavity.

Step 2: Digging the Pool Cavity

The cavity being dug in the ground for the in-ground poolgil klar

Naturally, you have to make space for the pool! Using the same bulldozers, Gil dug the space where the in-ground pool would soon reside underground.

Step 3: Install Supporting Walls

This in ground pool can easily be covered up and hidden so you have yard space AND a swimming pool.gil klar

The initial supporting walls were made with wood planks and drilled into the surrounding dirt using self-made, 50″ nails. These were hammered into the soil, setting up the initial supports for the in-ground pool.

Step 4: Building Steel Rails

The steel rails that help the cover glide back and forthgil klar

These steel rails are for two purposes: as another support to keep the pool steady and as rails so that the camouflage cover can slide back and forth over the pool.

The rails basically allowed the pool cover to act like a big drawer, helping it to slide back and forth when needed. They were secured with concrete “feet” and the steel pieces were welded together by Gil himself.

Step 5: Cover Wood Installed

On the sliding frame, Gil first installed the wooden deck part that would eventually have the fake grass on top. Tar was used to prevent the wood from getting moldly in the humidity and 1 1/2″ wooden planks were used.

Step 6: Installing the Motor Drive

The high power motor that controls the pool covergil klar

A 1,000N power sliding gate motor was then installed. This is the power source that makes the cover go back and forth on command and is controlled by a separate remote Gil keeps on hand.

Step 7: Installing the Deck

The metal deck frame for the pool-side patiogil klar

On top of the pool and “yard” space, Gil also installed a pool-side deck for lounging. He used steel beams with supports on each side and separated the crossbeams at 1′ apart. Wood beams were then installed over the metal frame to complete the look of the deck.

Step 8: Installing the Pool

Now for the big work. Gil installed a 2.2m x 4.5m metal frame for the in-ground Intex pool, which was then covered by a 2″ thick mattress, and finally, the lining of the pool walls.

Step 9: Synthetic Grass

The fake grass used to hide the poolgil klar

Gil purchased fake grass in large rolls, which he fit over the area before cutting the grass to the size of the pool. This cutout shape then allows the grass over the pool to pull back when needed, but allows the surrounding grass to stay put.

Step 10: Add Water

Final result of the hidden, in-ground pool projectgil klar

Finally, of course, the part that makes a pool so amazing: the water. Once the water was added, the hidden pool project was officially complete! Gil and his family now have a hidden in-ground pool that allows for both play time and pool time.

Obviously, this project took a lot of planning, money, time, and hard work. But if you’re a DIY type of person, and you’ve been searching for a spacial compromise for YOUR backyard, this magical project may be just the one you’re looking for.

What do you think of this hidden pool? Would you ever try to make something like this for your yard? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.