As any homeowners or apartment renters know, storage space is a valuable and finite resource. When you’re looking for your next place, you often have to give up storage space (or space in general) in favor of an amazing location, price, convenient utilities, or oftentimes just a place to live. Especially if you live in a city, you know this struggle well. But you don’t have to sacrifice storage spacey for that fantastic view anymore! Not when there are sneaky storage spots hiding in your house right now, under your very nose. Watch the video below from Clean My Space to learn about five clever storage solutions you probably never thought of.

Vertical Storage

If you have kitchen cabinets, no matter how spacious they are, they probably boggle your mind. Sure, you can fit so much on each shelf…but the space above your canned goods to the next shelf is completely wasted!

Shelves to increase cabinet space.Clean My Space

Use up that vertical storage space with wire stacking shelves. You can get these at most stores, including many dollar stores, and what they do is pretty simple. You place your stacking shelf in your cabinet and it allows you to stack pantry goods both on AND below it. This fills up that open vertical space and makes some serious room.

Behind Your Door

Talk about vertical storage, behind your door is just this big empty space begging to be used. The best way to do this? Hanging shoe holders. Now, you CAN use these to store your shoes, but these hanging holders are rarely used for their original purpose anymore.

Throw your hooks over your door (they usually come in the same package) and hang your storage solution from it. Then it’s your turn to get creative! There are so many things you can store in these behind-the-door pockets, so let your mind run wild with possible organizing solutions.

Under-Bed Storage

This is one of my favorite solutions for my out-of-season clothes! For example, when it’s summer, you don’t have much use for your bulky knit sweaters and overcoats, right? Well, don’t leave them cluttering up your closet regardless! Store them somewhere where they can stay clean and neat, without taking up much-needed room for shorts and t-shirts.

Flat under-bed storage for clothes.Clean My Space

Invest in flat, under-bed storage containers. These are great for storing clothes and with the change of the NEXT season, you can easily switch out which wardrobe pieces are being stored below deck.

If you’re not interested in these hard shell containers, use soft Ziploc clothing bags instead.

Hooking You Up

With an amazing storage solution, that is. Removable hooks are one of man’s greatest invention, in our humble opinion. Whether it’s for decoration or organization purposes, Command hooks that just stick and peel off the wall are brilliant – no more worries about your paint or nailing things into your drywall!

These hooks are also great for making storage. Many of the bulkier hooks can hold up to 7 pounds (some can hold much more), which means that you can store a lot of things right on your walls rather than wasting floor space.

Corner Storage

Storing things in room corners is a brilliant solution, but how can it be done? There are actually corner organizer units, although they’re technically used for shower storage. You can use these in any room for any reason.

Hanging corner storage.Clean My Space

The storage unit is hung up in a room corner with a tension rod and can be used to hold toiletries, laundry accessories, and so much more. Again, let your imagination run wild with what this solution can do for you!

Do you use utilize your small space for storage in a creative way? Share it in the comments section below.