Good teachers can be some of our greatest role models, but some go above and beyond to be real-life heroes. Sonya Romera teaches in Albuquerque, New Mexico and starts off every day by asking her students if they need clothes to wear or food to eat. But that’s only the start of the incredible things she’s done for her school community.

As she does, Ellen heard about how inspirational Sonya and needed to have her on the show. But the heroic teacher had no idea she was there to be the center of attention; she was just sitting in the audience, there to enjoy the show. Or so she thought.

When the moment of truth comes, Ellen invites a shocked Sonya to come on stage with her, which she does with her mouth hanging open. She goes on to tell Ellen about the incredible things she’s done for her students.

Besides making sure that the children are fed and washed up before class started (using her own money to buy breakfast and toiletries for all the students), Sonya has gone as far as to take in needy students. She has taken in two foster children who were former students and has been caring for them as her own for the last six months.

That’s when Ellen showed her a video that her crew made of her students and co-workers thanking her. Needless to say, Sonya, her son, and Ellen herself were absolutely in tears by the end of the video – and so were we!

But, of course, that was not the end.

Ellen proceeded to give Sonya not one but two incredible gifts. And if the video didn’t have us crying, this act of charity certainly did! You have to watch it for yourself to see all of the emotional moments.

It couldn’t be more clear the impact that this teacher has made on everyone she comes across. She is truly one of those magical people that changes every person she meets for the better and we hope people are inspired to follow in her inspirational footsteps.

What do you think of Ms. Sonya and her heart of gold? Were you touched by her story or Ellen’s incredible gift? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.