We have a relatable scenario for you. You are wrapped up in layers of clothing with your hands exposed and almost numb from the cold, but it wouldn’t make sense to wear gloves. The tip of your nose is probably cold too.

Why? Well, the reason you can’t put gloves on is because you’re at work! It’s cold in your office and gloves are an impediment to your job and space heaters are banned for being a fire hazard. Day after day, this is how it goes.

And the worst part is that it can happen during the summer or winter. You really can’t win. Your dominant hand stays busy as you try to warm up the other one by sitting on it or sticking it in a pocket or sweater fold. But there is something you can do to keep your hand warm on the mouse as you type away all day.

Get acquainted with this heated mouse pad from Black Temptation so that your fingers can stay toasty. This nifty invention plugs into your computer with a USB plug to warm up and forms a “cocoon” around your hand.

Suitable for wired or wireless mouse devices, the pad is designed with a wrist rest to reduce the amount of stress placed on the hand while working. But you can find that with most mouse pads these days. It’s the heat factor that is the main draw.

The heating pad is an optional feature that only works when it is plugged in (via USB) to a power source.  That means that you can just use the mouse pad on its own without the heat element being active. In that case, it would be like placing your hand into a tiny, blanket-like pocket if you tire of the electric heat.

A small opening allows you to feed the mouse wire through to connect to the computer. Since it doesn’t include an automatic shut-off switch, users must remember to unplug the device when not in use.

Should this pink design not capture your fancy, Black Temptation also makes other designs, including a cute owl. One for each hand, perhaps? The mouse pads fit most adult hands (lefties or righties) and are scoring points for preventing fingers from turning into icicles. It beats wearing gloves in the office, right?

We know there has to be someone besides yourself that you will want to gift with one of these. Who might that be? Co-workers? The head of building management as a subtle hint that the place is cold? Your bestie who works from home? Start a movement.

If you’re sold and want to order one for your desk, visit this link to liberate your hand from the cold, stark office vents. Share the bounty with friends and family but be aware that your co-workers might get jealous of your comfort (along with your other hand).

Do you constantly battle cold hands when you’re working? What’s your normal hand-warming strategy? Would you buy one or a few of these heated pads?