There’s Now a Heated Blanket That Plugs Into Your Car for Those Cold Winter Rides

Are you someone whose always cold? I sure am, and this new product is giving me all the warm and fuzzies—literally.

A company called Stalwart recently unveiled their heated fleece blankets that can plug right into your car, so you can stay warm and cozy as you drive.

We can’t believe this hasn’t been invented before! This thing is absolutely perfect for a long car ride. You might be driving, but you’ll feel like you’re at home chilling on your couch (which is where I always want to be if I’m driving somewhere far!).

Just like anything that plugs into your car, the 12-volt blanket is able to plug into the cigarette lighter. Whether you have a car, truck, SUV, or RV, the blanket is compatible. Plus, its 96-inch cord makes it easy to use even if you’re in the backseat (making it perfect for a child who needs a nap—this thing just keeps getting better and better).

Additionally, the heated blanket is absolutely perfect for the wintertime when you get into your car and your heat doesn’t turn on quickly enough and all you could think about is blowing hot air on your hands (you know what I’m talking about). Just plug the blanket it and get your warm drive on.

Besides being practical, the heated car blanket comes in lots of different colors and patterns. Whether it’s a plaid pattern or a solid color, you can match your blanket to your car’s interior, or just choose the one that’s most you.

More good news: The blanket is under $25 on Amazon. What a steal! This is a great purchase for you or even a holiday gift for a friend who’s always cold.

Would you ever buy this heated car blanket for you or a friend? How do you typically stay warm and cozy while driving?