When Her Microwave Wouldn’t Stop Beeping, She Called 911— and Things Just Got More Unusual from There

Let’s be honest–none of us want to call 911, but when we feel endangered, threatened, or just, plain scared and need some protection, it’s our best bet. Maybe you’ve had a vendetta against the police ever since you got nailed with your FIFTH speeding ticket in the last five years, but when something goes seriously awry, it’s fair to say that they’re on your speed dial!

But, one person who has no trouble calling for help when she needs it is Shirley Hardman, an elderly blind woman who lives in Logan City, Utah. When she noticed that her microwave wouldn’t stop beeping, Hardman called 911 out of fear that it might start an electrical fire–and she had every right to make that assumption!

You see, not too long before her call to the cops, the woman had experienced a near-disaster when part of her kitchen caught on fire. Hardman wanted to play it safe, so she put in a call to 911 to make sure that the incessant beeping wasn’t a sign of impending microwave self-destruction!

Well, as fate would have it, the sweetest officer, Kristian Johnson, just so happened to get contacted by dispatch to help the sweet, old lady with her microwave troubles. In an interview with local news station KSTU Salt Lake City, the officer tells us that it wasn’t the microwave fix that was the most memorable part of the call, it was what he was asked to do after he had silenced the beeping that keeps him smiling to this very day.

Believe it or not, when Officer Johnson was getting ready to say his goodbyes to Hardman, she requested one last thing of the benevolent policeman…she wanted him to sing her a song.

Yep, this sure is a cute one, folks!

“Do you sing?” Hardman asked Officer Johnson.

After the cop provided some reluctant pushback, the woman responded with an adorable, “Well, we can start now.”

How do you say “no” to a request that unassuming and genuine? Well, as it turns out, you DON’T–because he went right ahead and started singing.

Hardman asked the officer to sing a rendition of the uplifting classic “You Are My Sunshine,” and the gun-toting peace officer didn’t disappoint. In fact, for a guy that says he doesn’t sing, he’s got a really impressive voice.

After singing for Hardman, Officer Johnson had to be on his way, so he said “goodbye,” but when he got back to the station he decided to record the body cam footage of the event so that he could keep the special memory forever. He says that it’s calls like this that makes doing his tough job worth it!

Now that you know the adorable backstory of this unexpected 911 call, it’s time for you to enjoy that bodycam concert for yourself. To meet Officer Johnson and Shirley Hardman, be sure to watch the video below!

What are your thoughts on this sweet story? Have you ever had to call the police for help around the house before? Do you have a special story of a benevolent cop that you would like to share?