He Cuts Up Old Water Bottles In His Garden. His Plants Will Love Him For It

Depending on where you live, you’re either already fully into gardening season or you’re just getting going. Regardless, it’s always good (and fun) to read through and try lots of gardening tips and hacks.

Organic gardeners over at GrowVeg have a great video with lots of useful gardening tips, including this one about reusing old plastic water bottles to give your plants all the water they need. After all, plants are living beings too and need to take in lots of water just like us. But remembering to water your plants can be tough some times, particularly if you’re busy and have a lot going on. And, even if you remember, you may not be providing the plants the water they need when they want it.

The tip that we’ve highlighted involves cutting off the end of a water bottle, drilling holes in the cap, and then sticking the water bottle into the soil with your plant, making it super easy to water the plant, and giving the plant water “on its own time”. See the video below for details on how to do this.

In addition, the video shows 9 other gardening tips that we think you’ll really like, such as using one of your gardening tools as a measuring stick, how to reuse plant labels and make your own, and how to get your plants to grow faster.