Make a Harvest Bread That Tastes Like Stuffing

Why is stuffing hands down the best part of Thanksgiving dinner? Is it the warm, comforting consistency? That wonderful combination of crunchy veggies and soft bread. Is it the amazing savory flavors of herbs and butter? All of the above? Whatever it is, all we know is that we can’t get enough of it.

If you’re as addicted to stuffing as we are, then this Harvest Bread Stuffing from Food52 will be right up your alley.

We can all agree that the core of your traditional stuffing is, of course, the bread. The veggies and herbs might be what make this side dish pop, but stuffing wouldn’t exist without soft, delicious bread.

And that, friends, is what makes this Harvest Bread so amazing: it focuses on the star of the stuffing. This beautifully crusted, perfectly seasoned bread captures all the best parts of stuffing in a loaf that you can enjoy by the slice.

What better way to lead up to the main event than with slices of bread that give everyone a taste of what’s to come? You can even turn this recipe into doughy rolls, which are perfect to tear open and slather in butter, or twist the dough into coils for a fancier baguette.

But this recipe is so simple that you can also just toss the whole mound of dough into a Dutch oven and bake it without shaping it, which the bakers at Food52 highly suggest — you’ve got a lot of things to stress about on Thanksgiving, don’t let this be one of them!

And let’s not forget about the flavor. We can’t forget about the flavor.

Watch the look on your guests faces when you take this loaf of bread out of the oven; they’ll be looking around frantically to find the freshly baked stuffing! You can’t blame them, this bread has everything we love about homemade stuffing in it: onion powder, parsley, sage, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, black pepper, and plenty of butter.

You may not have your typical veggies inside these rolls, but there is a healthy sprinkling of celery seed on top to give you that familiar flavor. This, plus all your necessary seasonings, will create the explosion of flavor that we look forward to in our stuffing every Thanksgiving.

Best of all, this is a recipe you can easily make any time of year. You don’t have to feel weird making full-blown stuffing in the middle of June, or make an entire turkey dinner to justify whipping up this holiday-specific dish, to make this Harvest Stuffing Bread.

Trust us, it will become your go-to way to enjoy Thanksgiving all year round.

For the best way to start your Thanksgiving dinner this year, make this easy, flavorful loaf of Harvest Bread. Your guests will be scrambling to get your new favorite recipe.

Thanks to Food52 for this amazing fall recipe!

What do you think of this Harvest Stuffing Bread? Will you be making this as an appetizer for your family dinner this year? Share your thoughts and your favorite Thanksgiving appetizers in the comments section below.