When it comes to the Royal Family, we’ve covered a lot of ground over the years. From letting you in on strict rules to giving you a taste of the members’ eating habits, it’s fair to say your curiosities for all things royal have been satisfied! That said, there are still a few more obscure details that remain fuzzy, even to us. Take Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s finances, for instance.

Meghan has already announced her showbiz retirement and Harry hasn’t held a “normal job” since 2015, two facts that got us curious about how they pay their bills.

Obviously, we weren’t worried about the duo ending up on the streets, but our research into the couple’s money matters ended up yielding some truly intriguing facts. Here are 6 surprising — and not so surprising! — ways Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will bring in income as a royal couple.

  1. Their royal duties

    No, the Royal Family doesn’t make appearances out of the goodness of their hearts. They are actually compensated for their time, in part from— you guessed it— commoners. This taxpayer-funded account is called the Sovereign Grant of 2011, and much to some critics’ dismay, the tax has increased an astounding 34% in the past five years alone.

    Now, having citizens pay a famously wealthy family to parade around in elegant outfits may sound a bit unfair, but this only ends up costing each taxpayer about 85 cents per year. Considering the Royal Family’s “brand” brought in $2.4 billion for the U.K.’s economy in 2017, we think the investment actually makes a whole lot of sense. Or, 85 cents, at least!

  2. Meghan’s acting money

    She may not have “royal money” – yet! – but former actress, model, and brand ambassador, Meghan Markle, has done pretty gosh darn well for herself. Before leaving acting in 2017, Harry’s soon-to-be bride made a reported $50,000 per episode on the hit show Suits–but that was just her day job.

    From countless endorsement deals to movie roles, the 36-year-amassed quite the fortune over the years. According to Know Networth, she has approximately $7 million in the bank, a number that only stands to grow as residual checks roll in. You go, girl!

  3. Harry’s military salary

    It may appear as though Prince Harry has always lived a comfy life, but let’s not forget that the royal is a military man who spent a solid 10 years serving his country. In that decade, he was deployed to Afghanistan twice and achieved the rank of Captain. Obviously, Harry’s actress fiancé outearned him, but he did make a reported $45,000 per year that can be added to his already sizeable net worth!

  4. Royal real estate

    If the Royal Family has one thing down, it’s passive income in the form of lots and LOTS of real estate. Their massive portfolio of property and land (the one that Prince Harry currently benefits from is called the Duchy of Cornwall) has been around for hundreds of years and pays out about $9 million to the royal and his brother, Prince William, each year.

    Of course, when both his father and grandmother pass, Harry will inherit even more green. Lucky guy!

  5. Real estate real estate

    Before she went public with her fiancé, Meghan Markle was just like the rest of us— she liked to chill at her house and taking silly-faced selfies! But now that her new house sits on the grounds of Kensington Palace, she no longer needs her Toronto digs.

    According to Town & Country, she currently has that modest three-bedroom/two-bathroom home on the market for $1.395 million. That sale should pad her bank account some!

  6. Harry’s inheritance

    When Prince Harry turned 30, he inherited millions from a trust that was set up by his late mother. Before her death, Princess Diana had stipulated in her will that each of her boys get a sizable chunk of her $22.5 million divorce settlement, as well as pieces from her private jewelry collection. By the time Harry officially gained the funds, interest helped his share grow to $13.4 million.

These two sure do have some diverse streams of income! We’d love to hear your take on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s finances. Were you surprised by anything on this list? Did you know that the Royal Family contributes so much cash to Britain’s economy? What are your thoughts on the controversial Sovereign Grant?