Pop quiz time: What common bendy household object can be transformed into 20 different items? If you said “hanger,” then congratulations, you got it! These pliable garment keepers aren’t just for your clothes; they can also be repurposed to work as useful items in your kitchen, bathroom, and even your garden!

Thaitrick’s video shows us 20 different ways to use these versatile objects, but today we are going to feature our personal favorites. So, root around your closet, gather your metal hangers, and prepare to be amazed.

  1. Decorative Scarf Hanger

    scarf hangerThaitrick

    Searching for a way to elegantly display your scarves or pashminas? If so, then look no further than this decorative hanger.

    To make one of your own, widen the frame’s inner-area by tugging on both the top and bottom of the hanger using a pulling motion, then twist the bottom end towards you until the wire resembles a “figure 8.” Fold the bottom loop onto the top and form until the circle is smooth.

    Girly it up by wrapping some ribbon around the circular end of the newly-minted scarf hanger. What an awesome way to organize those wraps!

  2. Lingerie Holder

    There’s nothing more annoying than attempting to hang a strappy piece of lingerie on a wire hanger—it’s impossible to keep the thing on there!

    So, keep your delicates in place by adding protectives ridges to your hanger by creating divots in the top end of the wire frame. You can do this by putting pressure on the outer ends so that the hanger folds in, then popping up at the crease in order to mold more “squarish” shapes.

    It’s the perfect way to keep that bra, spaghetti strap tank top, or teddy in place!

  3. Hanging Planter

    hanging planterThaitrick

    Add a funky, shabby chic element to your garden with this DIY hanging planter. This unexpected look is certainly eye-catching and is really easy to re-create.

    All you need to do is pull your wire hanger taut so that it resembles a single vertical line, then twist the opposing sides together tightly so that a loop forms at the bottom. Smooth out the loop using your fingers and push the handle of the hanger upright so that its middle is angled at 90-degrees. Repeat with another hanger.

    Once finished, overlap the two, and place the potted plant in the middle. Pretty nifty, huh?

  4. Makeshift Trash Bin

    Everyone who likes to throw outdoor parties knows that it can be difficult to lug a trash can around. So, do we what we do, and make your own!

    Take two wire hangers and fold both into square shapes. Once finished, lay one on top of the other, so that the handles line up directly next to one another. Secure the edges with zip ties and fold the handles up, making two 90-degree angles. Add a plastic grocery bag, draping the curved grips over the tops of the hangers.

    Next, feel free to hang them anywhere—railings and fences work the best. What a lifesaver!

We just love the fact that all of these hanger hacks are cheap and easy to complete. To learn 16 MORE of these useful solutions, be sure to click on Thaitrick’s video below!

What do you think of these wire hanger hacks? Which one is your favorite? Do you know of any that were not included in the video? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!