Handy Money-Saving Tip for Sparkling Windows

from Tip Hero L.D. Meyer

I’m engaged with the arduous task of repainting the trim on my stone house. The painting is easy it’s all the prep you have to do to do the job right, scraping, priming, and glazing the windows is very time consuming. I have aluminum storm doors and windows and I was really dreading washing the windows and fighting the never ending streaks, I was using a wad of steel wool on the aluminum frames and a thought occurred to me and I used the steel wool on the glass and they just sparkled, no waste of window cleaner or paper towels or a wet mess either. And best of all NO STREAKS, Yahoooo!

I then used a duster on the windows and I’m trying something for the first time on window glass, I’ve applied Rain X to see if the windows will stay clean longer. I’ve used Rain X on my Kenworth I’ve run coast to coast and border to border, while it sheds water pretty well what I found was bug removal was a lot easier, there is a polymer in the formula and it works like Pam on pots and pans. Well I hope the gang of DIY’ers find this tip will make window cleaning a bit easier and faster too. Adios n’ Hasta La Bye Bye! Shalom! Your wacky western plains makeshift DIY’er.