Here’s What Your Handwriting Says about You

Do you have tiny handwriting? Large, loopy handwriting? Well, graphologists have found that your penmanship may actually reveal clues to your personality – and the results are weirdly accurate! Using their handwriting, you may be able to read (no pun intended) what kind of a person someone is, just based on the size or shape of their lettering. Handwriting can often predict how hardworking, relaxed, or outgoing an individual is, among other character traits. However, the best way to test the accuracy of these predictions is with your own handwriting! What kind of writing do you have? Check to see if your personality predictions are true based on your penmanship.

Small Handwriting

If your handwriting is on the tinier-side, you’re most likely a shy, more reserved person. Tiny handwriting indicates a studious, concentrated, and meticulous person, so you most likely work very hard (whether it’s at school or work) and expect perfection from your performance.

Large Handwriting

Unsurprisingly, if you have larger handwriting, you’re the opposite of someone with tiny script. People with larger penmanship love attention and are very outgoing. You tend to be very charismatic and have a people-oriented attitude.

Average Handwriting

Normal hand writing for you? Not too big, not too small? You are most likely a well-adjusted person, someone who is very grounded and level-headed. Not only that, but your handwriting suggests that you’re very adaptable and can make almost any situation (good or bad) work in your favor.

Large Spacing Between Words

If     your    handwriting   kind    of    looks   like   this, then you prefer large spaces between your words…clearly. This indicates that you’re someone who loves their freedom and hates crowded spaces. You have a very go-with-the-flow attitude that doesn’t like to be overwhelmed. You’re probably not a big fan of cities and prefer the beach or countryside if given the option.

Narrow Spacing Between Words

On the other hand, ifyourwritinglookslikethis, you basically have the opposite personality. You love being around people, sometimes too much; you often find you can’t be alone and find yourself dependent on the company of others. That could be your friends, partner, or family. You are very loyal and close with those people in your life, but you often crowd them.

Rounded Letters

Do you write with round, fun letters? Well, you’re just as fun as your handwriting is! Rounded handwriting indicates an artistic, creative spirit – there’s most likely doodles around your notes and probably not too many notes to speak of. What can you say, you’ve got a wandering mind!

Pointed Letters

If your handwriting has a bit of a point to it, this most likely means you have an intense personality. You are an intelligent, curious, and oftentimes aggressive person – but don’t take it the wrong way! Maybe you’re just aggressive for knowledge! Being aggressive isn’t always a bad thing.

Connected Letters

If your words tend to all be connected, if you have kind of a flowing, looping handwriting, it might not mean what you think. This connected lettering generally means that you’re a logical and systematic person, rather than someone who goes forward without a plan.

Crossing the Top of Your ‘T’

In this case, the lower case ‘t’ is in question. If you cross your tiny ‘t’ right near the top, this means you are an overall positive person! You have good self-esteem, you’re very optimistic, and you’re very ambitious to get ahead.

Crossing the Middle of You ‘T’

Again, the tiny ‘t’! Crossing in the middle of your lower case ‘t’ isn’t a bad thing either. This means you’re a confident person who’s comfortable in their own skin.

Open ‘O’

If your letter ‘O,’ big or small, never gets fully closed when your write it, you are a social butterfly. Studies have found people who don’t close their letter ‘O’ are expressive, talkative, and very social.

Closed ‘O’

Conversely, closing your ‘O’ means you’re a little more private. A closed letter ‘O’ indicates someone who is more of an introvert and keeps a bit more to themselves.

Dot High Over ‘i’

When writing your lower case ‘i,’ keep an eye on where your dot lands above the letter. If it lands high above the letter, in this case, it means you’re imaginative and a free-thinker.

Dot Left of ‘i’

If the dot above your little ‘i’ is just to the left of the letter, that means you’re a bit of a procrastinator.

Dot Right Over ‘i’

If the dot above your ‘i’ is spot-on above the letter you’re more meticulous than the rest. You tend to be a detail-oriented, organized, and an empathetic person through and through.

Circle Over ‘i’

Instead of a dot, you draw a circle over your lower case ‘i.’ This means that you are something of a visionary; you see things innocently, with a childlike point of view, and you don’t think like other people.

Slash Over ‘i’

If you tend to make a slash above your ‘i’ rather than a dot or circle, you are too harsh on yourself. You tend to be overly-critical, mainly towards your own thoughts and actions


Did any of these predictions hold true for your personality? Share your results in the comments section below.