Lin-Manuel Miranda and the ‘Hamilton’ Cast Reunite on John Krasinski’s Show to Make 9-Year-Old’s Day

Have you ever felt like the news is really just bad news? While we’re all “safer at home” during the coronavirus pandemic, we don’t need more bad news. We need “Some Good News.” 

Thankfully, John Krasinski agrees. Just like most of us, he’s at home with his family and adjusting to this new normal. Did you catch the first episode of his new news show? It’s called “Some Good News,” and it’s on YouTube. It’s basically a round up of good news from people all around the world.

One episode was not enough for Krasinski. Thank goodness, because we need more good news. In his second episode of the broadcast, we feel it’s safe to say that he upped his game. How? Well, “Hamilton” fans, you’re going to love this.

The show starts out in a similar way to the first episode, with spinning the globe and all. Then he showcases several people who have ripped off his show concept without even bothering to change the title of the show. He doesn’t seem to mind.

Then he mentions some epic good news, like people sewing face masks in their homes and corporations stepping up to make much-needed medical supplies. That really is good news. 

His last segment is about things we’re missing out on. We think it’s probably safe to say that everyone has had some of their plans canceled due to Safer at Home orders. 

While travel plans and celebrations have been canceled, that doesn’t mean that they can’t happen at all; they just look different right now. We’re socializing mainly via Zoom nowadays, and we’re traveling around the world via the internet. That’s okay. In fact, it can be some really good news. 

Back to “Hamilton.” Krasinski brought a huge fan of “Hamilton” on his show via Zoom, 9-year-old Aubrey. She was planning on seeing “Hamilton,” but because of the pandemic, she couldn’t see it. Instead, she watched “Mary Poppins Returns.” She enjoyed the movie and was delighted when Krasinski brought his wife on the show to meet Aubrey. In case you don’t know, Emily Blunt (Krasinski’s wife) plays Mary Poppins.

Krasinski was just getting started. To Aubrey’s surprise, “Hamilton” star Lin-Manuel Miranda appeared on the Zoom call. Krasinski told Miranda that he is going to send Aubrey and her mom to see “Hamilton” on Broadway when the pandemic is over, but Miranda thought he could do even better. Next thing they knew, the entire cast of Hamilton was singing the opening number of the hit musical via Zoom. It’s quite incredible. Watch below.

What celebrations and activities have you had to modify because of the pandemic? What’s Some Good News from your life?