How many of you have friends or family who don’t understand your love for the Hallmark Channel? How many of you have people in your life who don’t get your love for Christmas movies? It’s cool, you’re not alone.

Hallmark is squeezing all of their sugary sweet, endearing movie themes into a year-round Christmas lineup. Who’s happy but ready for more happiness and joy?

No need to clog up your DVR queue or hit the On-Demand button, hoping that you’ve caught each movie. In celebration of the tenth anniversary of their “Countdown to Christmas” marathon, Hallmark is gifting viewers with Christmas all year.

All you have to do is sail to the Hallmark Channel every Friday night for cheer, laughter, and never-ending happy endings. I quite like it. Start watching this month and you can double up on the warmth by watching their Valentine’s Day movies too!

The network made the announcement in January on Facebook, and fans are cheerfully being asked about their favorite titles. Not only are you encouraged to visit their dedicated Countdown to Christmas Pinterest board, but fans are being reminded of what to expect this year.

That means seeing popular actresses like Lacey Chabert, Candace Cameron Bure, and Lori Loughlin do their thing by playing multiple roles. That also means rooting for your favorite love interest to declare his or her true feelings, which all become real after a few days.

Hallmark has a cache that stretches back the past ten years so there should be no shortage of feel-good fare to keep you busy for the next forty-plus weeks. Typically, Countdown to Christmas kicks off in October and carries us through December, and audiences are also treated to a mini-marathon with Christmas in July features.

There is no reason to ditch a record-breaking formula that works! According to Hallmark, here’s a list of of some of the movies you can look forward to:

Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe – Based on a book, this movie centers around a woman named Darcy who takes a trip to her hometown and finds love with someone she never would have expected.

The Nine Lives of Christmas – An irresponsible bachelor adopts a stray cat and meets an animal lover who changes his life. It stars Brandon Routh, who once played Superman on screen.

Christmas at Graceland – Kelly Pickler’s character travels to Memphis for work but bumps into an old love who is in the music business. He soon reminds her of the good times.

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas – Candace Cameron Bure plays a department store employee who gets snowed in at the job but rediscovers the meaning of love and the Christmas spirit with the help of a guardian angel.

Avid Hallmark Channel watchers probably know that the network is also knee-deep in winter flicks right now too. This is the perfect time of year to feed your craving for romance while being cooped up in the cold this season.

Are you ready for this non-stop Christmas movie action that only Hallmark can deliver? Do you watch this channel? What’s your fave Hallmark Christmas movie?