The Hallmark Channel Has Severed Ties with Actress Lori Loughlin Over College Admissions Bribery Case

Consequences for the college bribery scandal that’s been dominating headlines have started to come down already. Hallmark has decided not to work with Lori Loughlin anymore.

The actress, known for her role on Full House and a number of Hallmark Channel movies, was arrested this week after an FBI investigation. Loughlin was charged in connection with a college admissions scam where it is alleged she and her husband paid at least $500,000 in bribes for their daughters to be admitted into USC.

The Hallmark Channel issued a statement expressing their disappointment and future position:

“We are saddened by the recent news surrounding the college admissions allegations. We are no longer working with Lori Loughlin and have stopped development of all productions that air on the Crown Media Family Network channels involving Lori Loughlin including Garage Sale Mysteries, an independent third-party production.”

The public has been waiting to see how the chips would fall once news of the scam was announced. Fifty people were arrested including Desperate Housewives actress Felicity Huffman, CEOs, and a number of university coaches.

Meanwhile, new reports are saying that Loughlin’s daughter was partying on a yacht belonging to a USC trustee when the accusations were announced. She immediately returned home. Hear more details about Loughlin by clicking below.

Do you think Hallmark did the right thing here? Are you expecting to see more fallout in the coming days? Hallmark Channel fans, how do you feel about this?