Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…is there anything better than decorating the Christmas tree during the holidays? Hanging the ornaments, stringing the lights, placing the tinsel, and putting the star on top—it’s such a magical moment.

Well, except the part when the cat can’t stop fiddling with the ornaments. Or the dog is rolling around on the base of the bristles. Or the toddler is shoving pine needles into their nose. That’s not quite our favorite part.

If you’ve ever struggled with any of the above, you’re going to want to read on. One British company called Argos has created a product for anyone who hate having to worry about someone getting into the tree.

The solution? A half Christmas tree, where there aren’t branches until about halfway up the tree. Nope, we’re not kidding. Just wait until you hear this brilliance!

The company’s six-foot-tool Half Parasol Christmas Tree “keeps your perfectly placed baubles, bows and bells out of reach of curious, crawling kids or your cats’ playful paws with this six-foot parasol tree,” they say.

We’d love to see a cat or baby even try to climb the six-foot stand! But besides being a great way to keep hands and paws off the tree, it also solves a lot of other issues—for instance, comfortably placing presents under the tree.

Ever realize how the branches at the bottom take up room for anything bigger than a small box? Now you can stack presents on top of each other, or keep larger presents, like TVs or furniture, under the tree without it looking like a complete wreck.

Additionally, this half tree is a great way to save space if you have a small living space. It takes up much less room than your standard fake or real Christmas tree, and has a cleaner look about it too.

Image of half Christmas treeArgos

Still not into it? Let’s continue with its benefits, then! The half tree is much less heavy than a real or normal-sized fake tree, so it’s much easier to take out of storage or put it away at the end of the season.

It also saves you money. The tree is sold for just £33.33 ($42.60), and requires much less ornaments or other decorations on it (since the decorating space is much smaller).

If you’re not into the standard green tree, the company also a six-foot snowy half Christmas tree. The fake snow gives it a perfect cozy feel in your home, while sill reaping all the benefits of the regular half tree.

Customers are seriously into these half trees, and for good reason.

“If you have toddlers, you need this. No more picking up baubles and redecorating the tree numerous times a day, this is going to save my baubles…and my sanity! The tree is lovely and bushy too, and easy to decorate, what more could I ask for?” someone wrote.

“This tree looks fabulous and we’ve had so many compliments from friends and family. We wanted something that our little girl couldn’t destroy or pull down on herself and this definitely fits the bill. Was surprised that it was such good quality for the price we paid,” another customer raved.

To learn more about this awesome half Christmas tree, check out the video below.

What do you think about this half tree? Would you ever replace your regular Christmas tree with this one?