It can be a bit of a double-edged sword to have very full, voluminous hair. While many women would (and do!) spend a lot of time and energy in hopes of revving up new growth, there are very few who end up being lucky enough to maintain a full mane through middle age.

And even though we could never imagine getting rid of so much gorgeous hair, we do know that, when it comes to style, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Robin, a client of master stylist Christopher Hopkins, A.K.A. The Makeover Guy, is one of those aforementioned lucky gals who has been blessed with A LOT of hair. Her blonde mop certainly is “to die for”, but we think she has such beautiful features that she can pretty much pull off any hair style!

Before The Makeover Guy gets down to the nitty-gritty, his client voices her one fear regarding the process. “I just don’t want my hair so short that it’s skin-tight to my head,” she says. We feel you, girl—we would be wary of losing all of that enviable volume, too.

With that said, it’s clear that this beautiful gal is not at all nervous about getting rid of some of her hair’s signature length. In fact, she even smiles gleefully while posing with one of her severed pony tails—she is clearly READY for a shorter ‘do!

Instead of giving his client that pin straight blow-dry that she is used to, Hopkins decides to challenge Robin to embrace her natural waves. To get them as frizz-free as can be, the stylist opts for a less-damaging air-dry paired with curl control products.

We do have to say that, while we loved her straight hair, it certainly looks a whole lot healthier without all of that heat damage!

For her makeup, The Makeover Guy says that his artist decided to focus on accenting her strong, natural features by applying minimal and soft colors. Robin’s eye makeup has certainly been toned down quite a bit, which we think gives her a much more youthful appearance.

In her post-makeover interview, the giddy client is practically beaming; you can tell Robin really loves her new hair style. She says that her entire experience at the salon was “super fun,” certainly a testament to Hopkins’ strong style choices.

She also reveals that she had originally thought that she would end up leaving with a darker color, but Robin says that she is just as happy to be sporting a brighter take on her original golden locks.

We absolutely love this beauty’s new look. To see this unexpected transformation for yourself, be sure to click on the video below. This makeover is proof that it sometimes pays to make a drastic leap. Good for you, Robin!

What do you think of this blonde’s new cut? Do you like her better with long or short hair? Have you ever gotten inches chopped off before? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!