False eyelashes are all the rage these days. It seems like we can’t open a magazine or browse a web page without some model or celebrity beckoning with some falsies from the margins. They’re pretty, but don’t they also seem like a waste of money? Isn’t there a way to get the full, long-lash effect without gluing something to our eyelids? The answer is a resounding YES, thanks to this tip from PureWow and something already in your bathroom: your hair dryer.

Yup, the hair on your head is not the only hair that benefits from some heat action. Pointing your hair dryer at your eyelash curler before curling will give you fuller, longer-looking lashes. The method is pretty similar to using a round brush on your hair as you blow-dry, only instead of a brush, you’re using an eyelash curler!

When you’re blow-drying your hair in the morning, take your hair dryer and point it at your eyelash curler for 15 to 20 seconds. Wait for it to cool a little; it should be warm, not hot to the touch. Please be careful not to burn yourself! Once it’s a comfortable temp, curl your eyelashes in the normal way, and if you want, top with regular mascara. The heat from the hair dryer will be enough to wake up your lashes even before you’ve had your first cup of coffee!

So what do you think? Does this sound like a good method? Do you regularly curl your lashes, or is that a special-event-only kind of thing?